Four Seasons by William May


The grass is growing, the trees sprouting leaves and the days are now sunny.
Bees are humming and gathering nectar to make honey.

Flowers are gracing the land, birds are singing their sweet song.
We are shedding our winter wraps and the days are getting long.

The new feast season is starting for us. The Passover is almost here.
It is time again to look at what we have done with the last year.

Have we wasted the time or have we grown?
Can we come before God this year with joy, one less fault be known?

Are we doing the same old things or have we made the changes we need?
When we take the bread and drink the wine, will God be pleased at our deed?

The day is coming when there will be a new earth but now we are God’s Sod.
As the earth is renewed let us be renewed and have a spring pleasing to God.


Now we must put aside the physical things. Now is the time we must grow.
There is only a short time before the harvest. Now we must take our weeds out with a hoe.

We planted good deeds when we prayed and shared and showed care for each other.
We left after Pentecost full of zeal and resolved to produce good fruit not to see it smother.

We have to make sure no stray thoughts and deeds overwhelm the good works of spring.
Those old weeds we thought were gone keep popping up as we turn and forget our King.

God provides us with his word and expects a good crop from us. Are we growing?
The Trumpets will blow and we must be ready or the end will come without us knowing.

A poem for fall by William May

Have you looked close at the flowers this Fall? They are full of color and all so tall.
The fields are full of colorful grain, We have been blessed with sun and rain.

Fruit and nuts the trees have shared, We see again that God has cared.

As we enjoy our blessings this beautiful fall, Let us be thankful one and all.

Now we are in the fall of life, Gone we hope are the years of strife.

Soon will be our harvest time when God will come to gather us in,
How will he judge how fruitful we’ve been?

Have we shared with our fellow man, Do we help someone whenever we can?

Let it be said on judgement day, That we shared our bounty along the way.

A Winter Poem WDM 2018

My life on earth is like the changing seasons
If you have a moment, I’ll share my reasons.

It is late fall now, most of the leaves are down.
Soon snow flakes will fall and drift across the ground.

Spring was when I came into my own,
I had my strength and ventured forth alone.

In summer I found someone to love and share my life,
Married, then, and soon two sons shared with my wife.

Fall came and the children now were grown,
Little grandchildren brought joy to our life and home.

Winter is approaching now and many friends have passed away,
My strength is fading now and life is losing its joy day by day.

Soon the time will come for me to go but a better world is coming for us to share.
God has something better planned for us. I hope, my friends, to see you there.