Another Feast is Coming! A poem by William D. May

Another Feast is coming, Let us rejoice in a foretaste of God’s Kingdom.

Another feast is coming, soon all will be excited,
Cars will soon be readied, soon the feast halls will be sighted.

It is time to get the car checked out or buy tickets on an airline,
It is time to check with schools and see your boss for vacation time.

It is time to check our wardrobe out and see if we have proper clothes to wear,
Some will look at things for beaches and some will have their jackets packed with care.

Is your old Bible fit for the trip or is your laptop up to date and steady?
Are your suit cases all worn out and are the children’s backpacks ready?

Are your bills all paid and is your offering what it should be?
Time to look at your second tithe and remember those in need to see.

Are we going there for fun and games, another vacation spot to be?
It is a time to come before our God, He will teach us how to be sin free.

Some of us will have to keep the feast at home, depending on the webcast,
We love the feast just as much as you and look forward to each broadcast.

We listen to each message and hear music that is splendor,
Another feast is coming, let us rejoice and let nothing hinder.


Painting by David Teague

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