Thanks for the Memories – a poem by William May

Thanks for the memories, Father, of the time that you called me,
I was stumbling along no future that I could see.

You opened up my eyes and gave me a new hope,
No longer did I go from day to day wondering if I could cope.

You showed me your great law and what it means to keep it,
You showed me a future that’s grand and exposed the way of get.

You showed me all your Feast days and explained to us their meaning,
You showed us where the world went wrong and showed us Satan’s scheming.

For many years we have followed you hoping for the new world You are sewing,
We hope and pray and struggle but Your promise keeps us going.

There is a New Moon coming and the armies will then will shudder,
Christ will descend and the world will shake with wonder.

                                                         - William D. May  August 7, 2019

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