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A Conversation With God

Dealing with the anguish of the war in Ukraine.  An extended relative of mine, Tatiana (my cousin Victor's daughter-in-law's brother's wife) sent this most inspiring essay from western Ukraine. She left Kyiv, Ukraine with her 6-month-old son Glib to get away from the rockets and mortars. She left with my cousin Victor and settled with the Kubik family in Dubno in western Ukraine. She writes this moving piece about her feelings about the war. What an amazing spirit!!

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Our Less, Their More

As we approach Thanksgiving Day in the United States,  I want to share a poem that I received a very thoughtful poem from Mrs. Drenda Wassner in Long Beach, California.  She is the grandmother of Brennan Hilgen.  He and his wife Michala served for two years in the African Country of Malawi starting in 2017.

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