Summer – The Time of Growth Before the Harvest – A Poem by Willliam D. May

I have enjoyed the poetry of William D. May of Chicago.   It has an uplifting and encouraging tone.  This is SUMMER.  More to follow. 

Now we must put aside the physical things. Now is the time we must grow.
There is only a short time before the harvest. Now we must take our weeds out with a hoe.

We planted good deeds when we prayed and shared and showed care for each other.
We left after Pentecost full of zeal and resolved to produce good fruit not to see it smother.

We have to make sure no stray thoughts and deeds overwhelm the good works of spring.
Those old weeds we thought were gone keep popping up as we turn and forget our King.

God provides us with his word and expects a good crop from us. Are we growing?
The Trumpets will blow and we must be ready or the end will come without us knowing.

William D. May in Chicago, Illinois July 7, 2018

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