Our Less, Their More

As we approach Thanksgiving Day in the United States,  I want to share a poem that I received a very thoughtful poem from Mrs. Drenda Wassner in Long Beach, California.  She is the grandmother of Brennan Hilgen.  He and his wife Michala served for two years in the African Country of Malawi starting in 2017. They helped in the Lilongwe United Church of God and started to develop the Festival site in Nkhwazi.  The first year of service was fully volunteer work.  They made a notable contribution to the Church.  

They kept up a blog of their activities at https://becomingmzungus.wordpress.com/

The following poem is based on their experience. 

Our Less, their More

From our less, they are blessed.
Our minus their plus.
From our least, they could feast.

We rinse a dish, they could bathe.
We walk, they roam.
Our empty box, shade or home.

Tossing scraps they could cook.
They search for food.
Still find a good mood.

We live long with another.
They die young without a brother.
We want more, they need.

We throw away, they use and save.
No cap, or cover; we have another.
Our less, their more.

- - Drenda Wassner
     November 14, 2019

Michala and Brennan

Beverly Kubik with the Hilgens

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