Do You Hear It? A poem by William D. May

Do you hear it?

The 7th trump has sounded and the world will have to bow,
The sons of God are coming and shouting it’s over now.

Many have been changed and are headed for the Mount,
Many dead are raised to meet Him and are far too many to count.

To the Mount of Olives they are going as Christ is heading there,
The world has long been fighting Him and it must now beware.

The armies have assembled as they seek to fight Him there.
The new sons of God now join their brother in making things finally fair.

The long hard struggle is over and no longer pain and tears,
We are in that number, having served Him through the years.

Oh, that it would happen soon, as this life is getting hard we say,
Each day we pray, Thy kingdom come, waiting for that day.

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