Women’s Enrichment – Isoka, Zambia

Women's Enrichment programs were held in three areas of  Zambia during the first week of July 2019.    We have received our first report from the one held in Isoka in northeast Zambia.

Pastor Alfred Siame sent this report and photos. 

We had six women from Kalukanya and 14 women from Isoka who attended. The theme was "Arise shine for your victory in Christ." Activities were : morning glory, theme discussion. Then the  Pastor spoke about marriage and family, home management. He shared on how to help our congregation, choir rehearsals, open discussion on child rearing and personal experience, as well as on marital problems and personal experience. Life skills included frying sweet potatoes for sale, cooking African polony (chikanda mixed with groundnuts after pounding), pumpkin leaves mixed with pounded groundnuts, plating hair and sewing a door mat. The women enrichment took three days and the third day was a Sabbath  Deacon Patrice Yaphet Sinyenga gave a sermonette on listen and act I talked about bearing fruits. The attendance was 65 on Sabbath we ate food provided by the women after service. It was the first time to hold the women enrichment at Isoka. We thank all who took part in making it possible for the women enrichment to be a success. It was wonderful and teaching, we are looking to the one next year God willingly.


This is a description by Beverly Kubik to Merna Eppick in Springfield, Missouri about the planning of Zambian Women's Enrichment weekend  written on April 25, 2019

Hello Merna,

We had a  wonderful visit to Zambia and learned about the plans they have for their Enrichment Weekend. I wanted to share a bit of it with you because your ladies were so generous in helping tfour o share this opportunity with others.

Zambia is a big country and the ladies are scattered from one end to the other. To cut transport cost they plan to all meet July 3rd-July 5th but is three separate locations. 

Twenty-five ladies in the  Isoka churches will meet together in Northeastern Zambia.

Thirty ladies from churches in the Copper Belt area of North Western Zambia will gather together.

Fifty-two  from Lusaka and out lying areas as well as the Chipata churches in Southern Zambia will come together. 

They have shared the $1600 that was raised for them by dividing the funds and sending the amounts respectfully  to each area according to the number in each group. 

Below is a list of some of the activities they plan to do by teaching each other various skills:

Knitting, hair crochet, cooking Zambian dishes, cultivating sweet potatoes in a modern way, preserving sweet potatoes, making necklaces and earrings, Christian living and health talks, jam making and a talk on promoting  a  happy marriage. 

They wanted me to thank all of you who contributed to making this Women's Enrichment Weekend available to them.  May God bless you and all you are doing,



The women after services  took a photo outside the church and showing their chitenges wbich looked stunning.

Women's choir

Isoka is located in the far northeast of Zambia

In the church singing hymns

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