The Call – by Darris McNeely

Who are we? We who lie in England’s soil.
We are those who once heard the call.
We are those who went.
We are those who sold all.

Who are you–you who stand at these untended neglected graves?
What brings you here this cold December day?
Is it the Call the Call we once heard?
The Call to which we gave our all?

How fares the Work? Does it still sound clear?
Do young and old lay down their burden?
Do poor and rich put hand to plow and fix their gaze straight and clear?
And you who strain to read our names–do you stand faithful, true and firm?

And those we knew and loved, those who laid us here–
Where are they? Where did they go?
The years have passed. Unknown horizons bring new times.
Do they still hear the Call, do they still follow words passed to their hearts?

Leave us. Get on To The Work–
Be strong to build to plant.
We sleep and wait and will rise at our time of hope.
Answer-and finish-The Call to your generation.


Given at Baccalaureate Sermon for ABC in Milford, OH on May 18, 2019

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