Pentecost 2019 Mufumbwe, Zambia

From Joseph Kaputula, Jr. -- report about Pentecost 2019 in Mufumbwe, Zambia:(read more about our working in Mufumbwe at

Hello good afternoon!  Mr. Victor Kubik, Our president of the United Church of God

We celebrated our Feast of Pentecost, yesterday June 9, 2019 at Mufumbwe, Zambia, United Church of God. Together with our visitors Deacon Mrs Joseph Mukanwa, and others who came from Manyinga Zambia United Church of God. We were all here at Mufumbwe.   

After services we had our lunch time. Womes, the wife to Mr. Joseph Kaputula, Wife to Mr Joseph Mukanwa and others prepared a very good meal which all people ate and were satisfied with some leftovers.  

Am very much happy and I thank God for giving us that day of the feast of Pentecost.

Hello greetings to you ... by Mr Joseph Kaputula.

Posted in Zambia.