-- by Anne Elliott

My heart sings with joy
For God my Father
Has saved me from death,
By His kindness and love.

In His goodness and mercy,
The Lord of Creation
Made for His Son a bride-to-be,

Forming man in his likeness, 
In His image He shaped us
In godly symmetry.

What is man? He is a MIND,
A sentient, reasoning being, 
Able to exercise freedom of choice, 
Time our fate decreeing.

What is time? Time is our life-
The opportunity to learn and to choose;
Of all animals man alone is aware of time,
And we have no time to lose!

For only a moment are we here,
With man's natural abilities endowed;
But life's mortal power is fleeting-
For us, our time is NOW!

Scientists call time a fourth dimension,
But science does not know that
The endless expansion of the universe is that dimension,
Thus enabling God's plan to unfold.

To God, time is eternity-
A boundless expanse of opportunity,
A never-ending causeality, 
Giving hope for His desired reality

0f engendered, loving, unified relationships 
With others of His own mind;
To share His glory and His might
With those of His Own Kind.

We who are called and freed from sin,
That old enemy-Self love-
Can alone master the penalty of time
With Christ in us, God's own true love.

Yesterday has flown away,
And tomorrow never comes-
Only this moment, this breath, this NOW 
Is the peg on which life is hung.

So set your will, make each moment count,
Don't let time slip away;
With steadfast devotion, fight self-will to the end,
While its NOW, with Christ leading the way. 

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