The Medical Blacklist A True Crime Mystery Thriller

Reading The Medical Blacklist A True Crime Mystery Thriller by Daria Jmill made me realize that her fate could come upon any one of us. Not only would a motor vehicle accident affect her mobility for life, but the loss of dignity that would follow would relegate this person to a painful life that she is forced to endure.

When reading this book, one wonders how could this take place in the United States? But it has. Through her advocates and friends of Daria I have discovered that Daria is a person of integrity and truth.

Daria had the exact same name as her aunt. Her aunt was known in the medical community because she filed a malpractice claim. Daria had to change her name so as not to be linked to her aunt’s malpractice claim. But that didn’t matter after she changed her name to Daria Jmill because she was already black-listed in the medical community from surgeons to eye doctors to primary care physicians. Inaction of public officials resulted in statutes of limitations expiring. As a result this left Daria with no recourse.

Daria is not the only patient who is on the medical blacklist. From coast to coast other people are also blacklisted from getting to a doctor. Her Congresswoman, Betty McCollum, has refused to launch an investigation into the medical blacklist.

This book gives specific steps that must be taken by us to force a Congressional investigation into the blacklisting of patients, a national disgrace that still goes on in this country.

This well-documented book exposes neglect, falsification of records and a violation of the Hippocratic Oath which binds physicians to do no harm and to care for a person who needs medical attention. The book flows like a mystery novel and is easy to absorb as one becomes quite attached to Daria and her plight.

THE MEDICAL BLACKLIST A True Crime Mystery Thriller is being offered free on Amazon from Thursday March 14 – Monday March 18.

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