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    Sunday July 3, 2016
    from Batavia, Ohio

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  • Waited 25 yearsThese 3 men in remote Zambia waited 25 years to be baptized. A tremendous story of faith, patience and persistence. Read about our visit with them in April 2014


    LifeNets supports Life Gaps School in Central Indiana which now manufactures TRIKES for disabled children in Central America. http://lifenets.org/lifegaps/trike.html
    (posted July 7, 2014)


    Follow my blog on short trip to the United Kingdom March 19-24, 2014 for funeral of John Ross Schroeder and visit to our churches in the UK.

    We visited Pastor Nikolai Gantiuk and his wife Angelina in a Ukrainian Sabbatarian community near Willow Springs, Missouri on February 16, 2014. Great story!

    There are a number of prisoners seriously wanting contact and fellowship via mail.  Would you consider to some of these?  MORE

    One of LifeNets successes in Malawi: the Jumpha Clinic We have provided medicines for 10 years. The clinic is on the border with Zambia and Mozambique and provides healthcare for people in those countries, too.

    September 23, 2013 update of LifeNets biggest project to date: The JohJan LifeNets Academy in Migori, Kenya that now has 220 pupils.

    Kids for Cows Update.  We thank children who through LifeNets help children get milk in Brazil, Zambia and Kenya  (updated March 9, 2013)

    Stories and YOUTUBES from 2011 that were on this Home Page have been moved to another site.....looking for something?   (posted April 9, 2011)

    Stories and YOUTUBES from 2010 that were on this Home Page have been moved to another site.....looking for something?   (posted September 7 2010)

    My mother Nina Kubik (below) lived through the 1933 Stalin famine in Ukraine that killed seven million people. I recently found this article in a 1983 issue of the Minnesota Daily News in which she was interviewed about the famine.....50th anniversary of this event.(posted December 11, 2011)
    LifeNets newest orphanage project in western Zambia. Here is Derrick Pringle of Kitwe, Zambia delivering $4000 worth of goods to orphans as well as poor Zambian/Angolan farmers. We are very happy to be involved in working with these reliable people. (posted February 11, 2013)


    LifeNets member Neil Wallis participates in 7000 km road rally driving through 7 countries in Southern Africa, giving LifeNets exposure and giving out hundreds of pairs of shoes to poor people along the way.  Great story!

    Report on the LifeNets Kenya Goat Project funded by LifeNets Australia. We are so pleased to see people from different continents working together to bring about a higher quality of life

      My Travel Blogs

    Mt. Fuji

    View of Mt. Fujiyama in Japan on my flight from Los Angeles to Hong Kong on Monday January 5, 2015. Follow my Travelpod Blog of my trip to California, Hong Kong and the Phlippines RIGHT HERE.

    tractorDenny's Tractor. The Luker Foundation, through LifeNets, donates $10,000 for tractor to be used by Legacy Foundation in Thailand for operation in small rice paddies. We are so happy to see this be able to help more people with food security. MORE at http://lifenets.org/thailand/tractor.html (posted July 7, 2014)


    My UCG member letter before Pentecost sent out June 4, 2014 talking about the genesis of the Christian church.


    LifeNets Summer 2014 Mission to "Light of Love" Mission in Ukraine (posted May 30 2014)


    LifeNets Australia helps fund school supplies, uniforms and shoes for Guatemalan children. See photos and report. (posted May 30, 2014

    On June 1, 2014 Ukrainian Dance Troupe "Zabava" performed for LifeNets Benefit at Nisbit Park in Loveland, OH for "Light of Love" Mission (street children and orphans) in Vinogradov, Ukraine.



    LifeNets sponsors two more young adults Michael Slocum and Julia Stewart for teaching mission in Thailand. We have a total of three going for the 2014-2015 year. Please read more about the participants and mission at http://lifenets.org/thailand

    FIVE NEW Messages from Bill Bradford in Australia --  in our AUDIO section - Includes: How a Person is Called, How Should Prophecy Affect You?, Is the Jesus Way the GET Way? What Christ's Resurrection Means?, The Power of the Hope of Your Calling (posted May 12, 2014)

    Insightful report by Barry and Sandy Kortius of Colorado who traveled with Scott/Collette Lockwood and families to Malawi and visited our brethren there along with the LifeNets projects. A good read! (posted January 28, 2014)

    Major update (Jan 21, 2014) about work done in the Philippines by LifeNets to help Haiyan/Yolanda Typhoon victims. Almost 100 photos and short snippets of what's going on plus one YouTube clip.

    Delivery of LifeNets Kids for Cows animals in Zambia. See report. Thanks to all who are making this happen! (Dec 24, 2013)

    Our visit to former Ambassador College Pasadena, CA campus and Headquarters of the Worldwide Church of God on October 24, 2013. See pictures that will bring back memories of a time gone by..

    Completion of fifth Summer Camp Program in Vinogradov, Ukraine. Here are some of our Ukrainain participants. See full report here. We have been working with street children and orphans in Vinogradov since 2001.www.lifenets.org/vinogradov (posted October 3, 2013)

    See latest edition of LifeNets eNews here. Subscribe by asking for at enews@lifenets.org.  


    Report about my trip to Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa from January 7-22, 2013.  Read about LifeNets and UCG

    Over the years I've collected all kinds of saying - profound and funny.  --  (posted August 17, 2012) 

    LifeNets drills challenging borehole in remote Nalubanda North in Zambia on July 22, 2012.  Success came after dreaming about it for 12 years!  Will serve up to 500 people in community....on UCG deacon Maxwell Kasakantu's property.  Share in our rejoicing by reading this inspiring report!


    "An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity; a pessimist sees a calamity in every opportunity."
    -Winston Churchill

    Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."   
    - Margaret Mead

    It's kind of fun to do the impossible.
    - Walt Disney

     Preach always--use words if necessary.
    --St. Francis of Assisi 

    Still some likes to our older website. If you need some of those stories, please go here

    Australia Flag

    Follow our trip to Australia and Singapore July 5-20, 2016. We will be part of the Australian Leadership Conference July 9-11, then go to Perth on the West Coast. Finally to Singapore. Click here for TRAVEL BLOG or click on the Flag.June 2016 tripFollow Bev's and my trip to Italy, Ukraine and Holland June 15-27, 2016. Visit Italian church and office, 20th anniversary of Revival Children's Centre in Ukraine and combined church with Dutch and German brethren. Click on image above or right here.

    Bev Cattle Nalubanda NorthFollow Bev's and my trip to South Africa and Malawi April 14 - May 2, 2016 right here (or click on picture above)

    Trip to AustraliaFollow Bev's and my trip to Australia and New Zealand March 3-22, 2015 right here. (or click on map)

    Tom Peine

    Tom Peine, our dear friend, elder and LifeNets chairman dies on Saturday, February 28, 2015 in Indianapolis. See collection of notable events from my websites about Tom from the past 15 years.

    hk2015View the Travelpod blog of my trip to California, Hong Kong and the Philippines Dec30, 2014 to January 14, 2015

    Links to stories referenced in Victor Kubik's Feast of Tabernacles Sermon on October 11, 2014 from Panama City Beach, Florida

    1. Nina Kubik recollects 1933 famine in Ukraine

    2. Ukrainian churches evacuated from Tajikistan from Islamic Fundamentalists

    3. Transcript of Kubik sermon about my parents escape to freedom in World War II

    4. More about my parents experiences through WWII

    Latest LifeNets eNews July 8, 2014

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    brazil cows 2014Jorge de Campos returns from Brazil with great report and pictures of our growing LifeNets cattle program. Read more. (posted June 11, 2014)


    Special benefit concert being performed in Cincinnati area on June 1st. Donations will go to fund the Vinogradov orphanage in Ukraine.

    Click here for more details (updated May 29, 2014) Includes map to venue!

    Africa 2014 blogFollow our blog on April 2014 trip to South Africa, Malawi and Zambia.

    DianaLifeNets has worked with street children and orphans in Vinogradov, Ukraine since 2001. Here is a story of one of the young ladies who we have known throughout this period of time.(posted March 8, 2014)

    One of our most heart-warming stories of 2013: Breathing vest for Cathy in Cape Town with Cystic Fibrosis

    Jed SyJed Sy along with her brother Jong Pilapil is serving a life sentence in the Philippines for a crime she did not commit. I visited her and Jong on July 14, 2013. They have earned great trust in prison and were allowed laptop computers that LifeNets provided. MORE. (posted January 13, 2014)

    After the November 8, 2013 Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) struck Tacloban, Leyte, Philippines, LifeNets around the world has come to aid of victims. Pictured above is LifeNets affiliate in Japan sending first shipment of 1000 items of children's clothing. Follow progress at http://lifenets.org/typhoon2013


    Jelly has emerged as a friend for our children to teach them things like books of the Bible, the Ten Commandments and more. Bev and I visited with Jelly and one of his creators Jonathan Magee. See some of the film shorts that I'm sure you'll like:



    On March 19, 2013 we established the Dennis Luker Memorial Foundation in honor of our dear friend Dennis Luker who died on March 14, 2013. Along with his wife LeeAnn they ardently supported LifeNets education projects and we would like to memorialize his life with future education initiatives.

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