Hong Kong September 2019

September 5, 2019

I have asked some of our members in Hong Kong to give me their first-hand impressions of what's going on in Hong Kong during this time of protests being broadcast to the world. Is it safe to travel to Hong Kong.  What about the Feast of Tabernacles?  Read reports from Jimmy Wong, Terry Franke, assistant senior pastor living in Alaska and Mary Ong.

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UCG Guyana brethren July 2019

From Chuck Smith, Senior Pastor for the Caribbean -- 
I wanted to give you an update on God's Work in the country of Guyana. The third world country of of Guyana is sandwiched between Venezuela and Suriname north and south and Brazil and the Atlantic Ocean east to west. This English speaking country gained it's independence from Spain in 1966 and has a population of 786,000 people. 

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Lusaka, Zambia Women’s Enrichment Weekend July 3-7, 2019

The Lusaka Zambia women enrichment weekend was held at our church property in Verino Chongwe. It was sponsored by South West Missouri women who tirelessly raised and provided funds to help this event in zambia which was held on 3rd July to 7th July, 2019. The funding was done through Debbie McNeely who was in Zambia and saw the situation that women could not hold the event without a helping hand.

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