Zambia UYC 2018

The best week ever!!

For many young people in Zambia, camp is the best and favourite time of the year for them. Once every year we hold camp and many young people from various locations in Zambia attend this event. It’s a time they look forward to being found in the zone, making new friends and being surrounded with people of similar beliefs.

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Our Visit to Facebook

While in California, we visited the headquarters of Facebook in Menlo Park in Silicon Valley on August 9, 2018. It is the world's most widely-used social media platform subscribed to by two and a half billion people. That includes the other familiar services of Instagram and WhatsApp, also owned by Facebook. An astounding 25,000 people work for Facebook.

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The Marych Tapes

For the longest time, I had wanted to visit the Marych's in Edmonton.  They have always been a part of our family because of their being good friends of our parents during World War II and afterward.  I also wanted to hear their story about our parents. So, in August 2003 Bev and I flew to Edmonton and spent a few evenings with them. We also went to a Ukrainian Day event celebrating Ukraine's Independence. it was 12 or so years after Ukraine became independent.  Below are three one hour unedited videos.

Part One of Three - Visit with Walter and Dusia Marych in Edmonton on August 23, 2003, by Vic and Bev Kubik

Part Two of Three

Part Three of Three