Vanuatu August 2018

Here is Jenny Bradford's report about a trip taken by her and her husand Bill of Brisbane, Australia to Vanuatu in early August 2018.  Here is what Jenny Bradford wrote to me:

" I  want to let you know we are going to Vanuatu this Tuesday, August 7th for 6 days and have two men carpenters coming with us to repair the “ Tabernacle in the Wilderness” as Bill calls it. To get it repaired from a partial collapse from heavy rain and have it ready for the Feast. They had 25 take the Passover and 60-70 for the Holy days. We have several waiting for Baptism and counselling. We will be taking clothes and whatever we can fit in for them. They are a very happy people but have so little. Houses some corrugated tin put together.. bare floors.

"They are so very thankful for the large water tank LifeNets helped us put together for them with the water runoff from the roof. Now they don’t have to go down a very steep walk to the river to get drinking water, just bathe. This makes it so much better for the Feast for them.  I will let you know how this trip goes with some photos. Thank you again for your message and LifeNets Safe travels for you and Bev."

Jenny Bradford


"Bill baptised 6 today here in Vanuatu. Counselling them after church yesterday. The leader here has been teaching them and preparing them. Trying to send photos but bot a strong enough signal.

"We had to walk or climb down a steep track to a water spring. It had a lot of volcanic rock. We had to be very careful. Not so bad coming up. Very happy occasion. Many others coming in from other islands for the Feast. (Some go back from there to WWGOG. There are at least 10 couples wanting to get married most from these outer Islands (80+) islands make up the group. We will come back right after the Feast while they are all here for the weddings and another baptism. WW2 had 500.000men stationed on the island of Santos from USA. We will be going home tomorrow, will send photos then."

"There were 33 adults at church on the Sabbath   (8-11) with 18 children.  The gentlemen with is his grandchild is John Wesley. He is a village chief. A good leader. The man in the med blue shirt is Ruben the main spiritual leader. He has been in the church for over 30 years and has kept things going. They will have a number expecting around 100 adults for the Feast coming in from the other islands and they stay for a week after. We will go back up right after the Feast to meet them and Bill will perform at least 10weddings as they just live together and want to do things right legally for the children and before God. Also there are at the moment 4 baptism hoped for. Since this is a once a year trip. Derrick and Lloyd from Queensland will go for the Feast and one other man Peter who went last year. The pitch tents etc and rough it. The all go down to the spring to bathe. Thought you would like to see these now we are home."

Previous visit in December 2017

Bradfords on Vanuatu December 2017

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