UCG Guyana brethren July 2019

From Chuck Smith, Senior Pastor for the Caribbean -- 
I wanted to give you an update on God's Work in the country of Guyana. The third world country of of Guyana is sandwiched between Venezuela and Suriname north and south and Brazil and the Atlantic Ocean east to west. This English speaking country gained it's independence from Spain in 1966 and has a population of 786,000 people. 

The United Church of God Guyana Incorporated, was established in 2013. Because of lack of work, emigration and the passing of members the church became non-existent till Pentecost of this year. With God's blessing and some fervent work in Guyana we now have 3 groups meeting throughout the country. One church meets in the capital city of Georgetown with a beginning attendance of 11. Two other groups meet in the Interior of Guyana, which is referred to as " the jungle area."
Deacon Stan Braumuller began working with members last year while working with our church in Suriname. After a few fruitful trips, God's Work is now growing in the country that most people know only as the country where Jim Jones founded his Jonestown cult that led to the suicide deaths of over 900 people. Definitely a country in need of a new religious vision from America.
Stan Braumuller sends all three groups regular video sermons and has established a Sabbath meeting hall in the center of Georgetown. Now loaded with UCG literature, the small groups are zealous to kick start God's Work in this South American country. With the help and support of our church in Trinidad, Guyana will now have some live speakers and plenty of new literature delivered every two months. 
Due to new oil wells pumping crude at a record setting pace, there is a brighter future for this country known for it's poverty. This new prosperity has caused many natives to start returning to their home country. We feel the time is right and time is now to produce a Work " worthy of our calling" in this part of the world (Eph.4:1). We have much to do and could use some prayers as we " boldly go where we have never really gone before!" With the blessing of the Almighty- this gospel will be preached into this corner of the world.
Chuck Smith 
Senior Pastor Caribbean

Guyana brethren

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