“This is the Way, Walk Ye In It” by Betty Randle

This is the Way - Walk Ye In It

This is the Way of God above
It's the language of  ”Everlasting Love”
It's the language of love – A new language to learn
The way you speak – how much you discern
Is it caring, loving,  and filled with concern
Excitement fills the air- when you go to the place God did prepare
Your step is lighter....your future is brighter
When you  join with others and share
In his house of rejoicing and prayer
With intent in mind -to understand .. “What is Man?”
How much the need of living His way
To initiate love, peace and joy in your life each day
Instead of revenge, rejection and pride
A choice of humility and gentleness tried
Forgiveness much – Words that don't crush
Lifting their spirits ….making them soar
Think about what you say – not hurting them more
So leave your worries behind – your problems forget
Pack your bags lightly – never carry regret.
Remember your example to others will be
A witness of this way for Eternity
Will you be happy?  Can you learn this way?
The Mystery revealed – once was kept
Many were called -some have slept
Your Bible's a map ...It'll guide your way
To the right path – to every word that you say
It's not well-worn, but some soon will be born
So put Him first ….and Hear Him say

Walk thou in it ….for
“ This is the Way!”

- by Betty Randle

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