“A Texas Lullaby” by Anne G. Elliott

Oh, to be in Texas
Now that spring is there,
With bluebonnets and daffodils
And golden sunbeams in her hair.

White dogwoods glisten
In greenland shade,
And redbuds add color
To woodland glade.

Robins, and redbirds,
And sparrows sing
Their joyous thanksgiving,
To every living thing.

The lakesides glisten
With minnow schools,
While tadpoles frolic
In shallow pools.

As the light fades slowly
In the west,
And Mother Earth puts
Her brood to rest

All daytime clamor ceases.
Then the evening symphony begins,
With throaty bullfrog basses,
And cricket violins.

A mockingbird's serenade
Fills the night with song,
And we listen to nature's heartbeat
All night long.

Could there ever be
A land more fair
Than East Texas,
When spring is there?

Dedicated to former President and Mrs. George W. Bush in grateful appreciation,
April, 2016

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