How Much Longer Does the World Have to Wait?

How much longer does the world have to wait?
It seems that the world around us is full of hate.

Politicians can’t agree on anything these days.
They fight and argue on everything, just anger stays.

Nations squabble over everything from trade to land.
They blame everything that happens on someone else’s hand.

No one accept blame for the things they do and sin isn’t wrong anymore.
Famine and pestilence are getting worse and earthquakes are at many a door.

People even question what gender they are.
Babies are killed before they are born, how could we have fallen so far?

Few consider that our blessings come from God.
The nations think their ingenuity has given them wealth, to God not a nod.

So Father, how much longer do we have to wait?
Please let your kingdom come soon, before it’s too late.

                                                          - by William D. May

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