Dr. Richard Berendt Receives 2022 Patient Experience Award in Alberta

Congratulations to Dr. Richard Berendt of Edmonton, Alberta and colleagues for being awarded the 2022 HQCA (Health Quality Council of Alberta) Patient Experience Award. At the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton, Alberta, these pathologists create X-ray images of breast cancer tissue being removed in real time to enable precise cancer location and removal in one step. 

Watch the first two-minute video focuses on the award as well as the second six-minute video which is the final report and documentary posted on the the hqca.ca website

Dr. Richard Berendt gets calls from doctors all over the USA and Canada about his work and we congratulate him for his achievements.

We are so pleased at the contribution that Dr. Berendt makes in caring, serving and saving lives in the physical and spiritual realms.  We have known his family for decades and are so pleased to share in the joy of this achievement!

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