Kryhin info from Lydia 4-14-23

April 16, 2023  from Lydia Bauer:

I’ve been communicating with cousin Alla Kryhina Simonok a lot recently and asked her for some birth and death dates for our grandparents.

Alla is Cousin Victor’s sister whose son Roma was killed the first week of the war during Kharkiv bombings. Roma was buried in a collapsed building, then moved to a city morgue for a couple of months, buried in the wrong place, and then moved to the cemetery for the war dead just outside of Kharkiv. At this time of year it is customary to go to grave sites and clean them up (families take care of their own sites) and Alla sent me pictures of Roma’s site they took care of this week. It is all military dead from this war and it is over flowing. The grave sites are all so fresh and there are so many.

Also attached is a picture of mom’s parents’ and brother Victor’s headstone. They are buried in the local cemetery in Pervomaisky. From left to right:

Grandfather Mitya (Dmitri Fedrovich 3/5/1972)
Grandmother Prisia (Efrosinia Prokofevna 5/21/1970)
Uncle Vitia (Victor Dmitrievich 12/29/2001)
Aunt Tosia (Victor’s wife) (Antonina Stefanovna 12/5/2014)

Mom sure looked a lot like her mother Grandmother Prisia.

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