Coleman and Heather Gidcumb

Bev and I are very happy for our niece Heather Kubik and Coleman Gidcumb who were married on September 22, 2017 in High Country Orchard in Colbert (Spokane area), Washington. Seeing Heather marry into such a fine family was very joyful for us to experience.  Both hold upright values and their marriage will be a success.

Heather's cousins

Heather and Coleman

It as a little over 30 years ago that Bev and I were in Washington for the marriage of Heather's parents Eugene and Sherry Kubik. How quickly those three decades have passed, but how well we remember that joyous moment as well.

It was so good to be with my siblings as well as the nieces and nephews to see everyone together.

However, there is sadness that these moments could not have been experienced with our parents. Our father Igor died 50 years ago and mother Nina 33 years ago.  They were not able to share in the joy of the children and grandchildren.  Since they were transplanted as refugees from post-war Europe, we had no other family in the United States, however, we have developed lifelong friendships both in America and places overseas.  I am happy for my youngest brother Eugene to see him and Sherry have such a blessing in their family.

Again, Heather and Coleman. May God bless you both as you yield to Him and to His ways that only guarantee what He intended for our good.

Our love,

Vic and Bev

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