A Day of Salvation

Betty Randle from Eden Prairie, MN, who our family has known for 50 years just sent me this poem.  She wrote it for the arts and crafts exhibit at the Wisconsin Dells Festival site next week.  She says she writes poems like this most every year and I wanted to share it with you. 

Oh Israel!! How I cried for you!
Was Beloved of God....It's true
But forsook His law and turned their back
On righteousness and drifted off the track
His called-out ones became “the Bride”
Awaiting His return...took their trials in stride
Depending on and trusting all
To the Great God ...on Him they did call
Loved by God who granted them favor
Hated by the world.....as was their Savior
Shunned and banished, O children of love
Unworthy, as inhabitants ….like a little turtle dove
Their Mighty God has spread His wings
A covert ...he protects and delivers...with hope He brings
With the Angels shout!! The heaven rings
To the sound of trumpets...Comes the King of Kings
A welcomed sight- for creation in trouble
Crying out in destruction and rubble
The danger is o'er. The King has returned
Many now rewarded....for Him they have yearned
To serve them....their Savior, faithful and true
Restoring the earth ...in all things they do
Wiping the tears from their eyes and heal
The broken hearts and spirits. The truth He'll reveal
The eyes of the blind will see
The ears unstopped and captives set free
Israel delivered....to its realm of majesty
He will rule with righteousness and end
Wars, famine, sickness, poverty and send
His Saviors to come and teach His way
Of the mystery ...the gospel.... The Day
Of Salvation for all
Let's help them to heed the call!

            -- Betty Randle


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