A new poem about Fall by William D. May

I love the poetry of William D. May of Chicago.  He hadn't sent me anything in about a year and I asked for something new....which he just sent today, September 17, 2021


Another Fall

by William D. May

Another fall is coming near with winter soon to come.
We have enjoyed big birds as they feed and the tiny birds as they hum.

The grass has turned from green to brown
It's brown this year as little rain has fallen on this town.

The young folks are back in school, to learn things that they need we hope,
They shuffle past our yard each day some full of pep and some who mope.

We old folks fill our time indoors, the heart is willing but the joints say nay.
We think of all the things we did and of friends we knew along the way.

The world we knew has changed a lot and not for the better I’m sad to say.
They have turned their back on God, breaking more of His laws each and every day.

People ignore the warning signs, thinking in vain God doesn’t care.
They couldn’t have been more wrong and will probably think He isn’t fair.

We pray that soon the Trump will sound and that He will say to us, you come up here.
He will come down through the sky that night and all the nations then will fear.

It is our job to give a warning, helping His church speak out and yea.
We pray that all will heed His message and that all the world is saved one day.

WDM 9/17/21

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