2019 United Youth Camp at Mufulira, Copperbelt, Zambia

THEME: Living God's Way Today.

The purpose of the camp was to help the youths in the Church learn the Word of God and other life skills, that can help them and the church at large.

The youths got to know each other and build relationships with their brethren with whom they share the same religious belief; learn how to conduct Sabbath services, how to pray and correct mode of dress for sermonettes/sermons, time keeping and respecting each other.

United Youth Camp in Zambia held in August as the schools are closed and the crops are reaped.

Here in Mufulira we had 38 in attendance from 5 different areas. The venue was at our Church property in Mufulira, for the first time. The facilities were well organized and the sleeping arrangements were awesome – we all had our own mattress. No-one complained. The ablutions were adequate and there was no water shortage. The dining hall was large enough to cater for all. The kitchen was very conducive, we ensured it was clean to avoid any disease breakout, and indeed it was a disease free zone. Our UYC collided with the SDA camp meeting and it was wonderful to notice that whenever our youths went for road run at 04.30 a.m., the SDA youths could come and join us. 

It was a fun filled zone with new games and activities, Bible puzzles and Bible Race.

Speakers focused on Christian Living, life skills, financial discipline and career planning. Subjects included “Was it always this way – Gal 1:3”, “Learn to discern” – Ezekiel 44:23, “God’s way works” – John 10:10, “Transform, Do not conform” – Rom 12:2, “Be a Light” – Math 5:14-16. The lessons were well presented and it was ensured that every lesson was interpreted to the level of the learners which was very good and the objectiveness was obtained from the way campers were responding to the lessons.

On the Sabbath the Mufulira congregation joined camp and our Youth gave a sermonette and split sermon. “A Child of God”, “Walk in Light”, “Faith”. The day was full of special music, memory verses and a poem that was drawn from this year’s theme.

That evening we had an awards ceremony together with fun show and dance.

It was very encouraging to see that most of our young people were interested in learning the word of God.

There was baking,(providing breakfast), arts and crafts, health and hygiene and a lecture on Laundry.

Recreation included darts, football, volleyball, tag of peace, needle race, bottle race. One day we went to a Boating Club nearby where we enjoyed soccer, swimming and a boat cruise for about 4 hours – This was the greatest of all. This is one of the largest man-made dams in the area.

All Camp objectives were achieved. We want to thank all those concerned for your support, be it financially or spiritually as we really appreciate this great privilege you give us and in future we plan to shine even more. We are grateful to our Father in Heaven for blessing us with a wonderful, safe Camp as we meditate on His word by “Living God’s Way Today” so that one day we shall be sons and daughters in God’s family.

  • Rodrick Epomba and Derrick Pringle
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