“The Path” by Megan Lamoureaux

Simple and easy
That’s how we want it
A life without trouble or fear.

To walk without stumbling
A path that is smooth
A destination that is clear.

What will we learn
and where will we grow
On a path that straight and boring?

God has a plan
On a path that is winding
And up ahead looks like it’s storming.

On this path I find
The wind blowing so hard
My feet start sliding backwards.

I press my feet in
and yell into the wind
God please help me move forward!

One step at a time
His and then mine
Together we push through!

Now comes the rain
Heavy and loud
I whisper “God please protect me”.

He covers me like
A mother covers her young
Protecting me until I can see.

Next on the path
A forest so thick
With thorns and vines that are tangled

I stop at the sight
And fall to the ground
I can’t make it without being mangled.

From my defeated position
I feel from above
A hand on my shoulder
One full of love.

He pushes the thorns
Out of my way
Injuring himself to keep me safe.

We make it out
To the beautiful end
Hand in hand with the one I call Friend

I turn and I ask
Why a path that’s so hard?
His answer so plain and so true

“That path was designed
With you in mind.
Now you know Me and I you!”

Well thanks for sticking with me!

That’s all for now,

Megan (and Nick)

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