The Looking Glass – A Poem by Anne Elliott


When I realize how my life's been spent
Making a self-image for the world to see,
And how that picture has now been rent
By God's assessment of what makes me, me,

I am confounded and undone
As truth refutes my view.
In vanity I have believed a lie,
And in conceit, I tried to pass it on to you.

Now, convicted by God's word, I face reality,
(That old mocker whose truth we shun),
And as I look in God's looking glass, I see
The devil's ingrown likeness I've become.

God does not see as humans see,
He is unimpressed by show.
He sees our heart, the inner man,
Our secret thoughts to know.

In loving mercy God showed me truth-
I'm my own worst enemy!
It is with my ego that I must fight the fight,
Just as Jesus fought His humanity.

This is where our souls are tried-
A relentless struggle within
To master desire to please the SELF,
The Old Deceiver's nature built in.

What shall I say at journey's end?
What worth then will my false image hold?
How hard did I fight that old enemy-myself?
How within me did Christ's life unfold?

The battle lines are clearly drawn,
My enemy is in view,
Yet I do not fight the fight alone,
My Savior wars with me, too.

With my Lord and Master at my side
God's purpose cannot fail.
United with Him in this fight to the death,
Together we shall prevail.

When my self-will is at last put down,
And my battle of life is done,
Awaking, I'll look In God's looking glass and see
An image of God's Perfect Son.


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