The Great Day – The Eighth Day – with David Teague

It is over now, the 1000 years and the great day is here.
I see them now, Parents and Grandparents, faces so dear.

Old friends, teachers, people I worked with through the years,
So good to see them, so many memories, some happy and yes some tears.
So much to tell them, so much to share, they didn’t know the truth back then,
Now they will have their chance to live a new life with purpose in their life again.
There are tears of joy all over the land as people see and hug those they knew.
Surprised they would be on earth but now they will be shown a truth that is new.
Jesus is here on earth with Abraham and Moses and the other Saints God called to teach.
They will be fed and clothed and shown the way to live, the goal to reach.
There will have to be a lot of healing and encouragement given to them,
Their whole lives were filled with lies and pain, There will be none of that again.
-- William D. May  

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