Knit Hats From Prison

At the home office in Cincinnati we received a box of knit caps, shawls and a blanket. They were knit by Jeff Bertrand  who is incarcerated in Caldwell, Ohio.  He writes this:

"In past years I've donated hats that I've made, but I've learned how to do more than hats, so now I'm sending you a baby blanket, some hats  purses and clothing. So, here's a variety of items.  Hopefully, they can be of use somewhere in the world."

These items will be sent to Africa through Good Works.  We are very grateful for what Jeff has done.  He hopes to be released in this year.

If you would like to write to him, his address is:

Jeff Bertrand #611173
15708 McConnelsville Rd.
Caldwell, OH 43724

Home office employee Jessica with Jeff's work

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