Kubik Family Memorabilia


  • Kryhin information from Allah through Lydia. Nina's side information about our Kryhin grandparents and Uncle Victor and his wife Tosya. (April 14, 2023)





Story about our parents from World War II (updated October 19, 2016)

Link to Dr. Alexander Granowski, our sponsor to the the United States, from the University of Minnesota where he worked. https://archives.lib.umn.edu/repositories/6/resources/4168


Found transcripts of memorials to Igor Kubik shortly after he died on May 5, 1967. Lloyd Nelson in Rochester, MN gave these to me a few years ago and they just showed up. They were typed on onion skin paper as probably the 4th copy of a carbon copy.


Posted article I wrote in the PLAIN TRUTH about family reunion in my mother's hometown, Pervomaysk, Ukraine in 1988 (Nov 30, 2014 -from August 1989 PT).

Links to stories referenced in Victor Kubik's Feast of Tabernacles Sermon on October 11, 2014 from Panama City Beach, Florida

1. Nina Kubik recollects 1933 famine in Ukraine

2. Ukrainian churches evacuated from Tajikistan from Islamic Fundamentalists

3. Transcript of Kubik sermon about my parents escape to freedom in World War II

4. More about my parents experiences through WWII

Edmonton Oct 23, 2014

With the Marych family in Edmonton, Alberta on October 23, 2014 in the afternoon after the funeral for Walter earlier that day.

Oleh's thoughts about the death of Walter Marych (October 20, 2014)


Painting by Dad of farm he was hiding at outside Magdeburg, Germany


Family Thanksgiving Videos on YouTube

  • 2013 at Michael and Alix's in Whitestown (with Casey)

  • 2013 at Michael and Alix's in Whitestown
  • 2011 at Vic and Bev's in Indianapolis
  • 2010 at Michael and Alix's in Whitestown, IN
  • 2008 at Michael and Alix's in Whitestown with Rhodes
  • 2007 in Warren, Wisconsin
  • 2006 at Vic and Bev's in Indianapolis
  • 2006 at Vic and Bev's in Indianapolis - girls dancing
  • 2006 at Vic and Bev's with visit to the Indianapolis Zoo

Other Kubik Family YouTube Videos

  • 2013 Ikonostas built by Igor Kubik now at St. Katherine Orthodox Church in Arden Hills, MN
  • 2012 Highlights of Kubiks at Indiana State Fair
  • 2012 Cruise Around Lower Manhattan June 2014 with Bev and Kim
  • 2011 Highlights of Kubik's at Indiana State Fair
  • 2010 Highlights of Kubik's at Indiana State Fair
  • 2010 Alyssa rides bike without training wheels first time
  • 2010 Day in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii Jan 29 Alyssa, Bev, Vic
  • 2010 Alyssa's Goes on the schoolbus - first day of school and Michael on school bus 28 years earlier
  • 2009 Elena's 2nd haircut March 6
  • 2009 Bev, Michael and Alyssa make Lefse
  • 2009Mike, Alix, Girls, Bev, Vic at White River Gardens, Indianapolis
  • 2008 Indiana State Fair August 10
  • 2007 Indiana State Fair August 12
  • 1962 Igor Kubik making pottery



  • Found this article in the August 19, 1983 Minnesota Daily News, the University of Minnesota newspaper, about an interview Nina Kubik gave to a U lecturer about the 50th anniversary of the famine in Ukraine that Nina lived through.   It killed more than 6 million people.  Interesting article I found in my old archives that I have scanned before it falls apart. 










  • Thanksgiving at Vic and Bev's  -- right now (12/4/06) I just have video to show you.


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At Kubik's home Thanksgiving Day  5 min 35 sec

Dancing Girls  11 min 8 sec

At the Indianapolis Zoo 5 min 43 sec



  • Eugene and Sherry Kubik's children December 2004 (posted February 4, 2005)

  • Birth of Gabriel Justice Atkinson July 2, 2004  --  October 13, 2004

  • Nina Marie and Abigail Francis born to Cory and Jessica Roufs on February 20, 2004.  Photos  October 13, 2004

  • Vic and Bev's trip to Dubno, Ukraine June 20-21, 2004

  • Nina Kubik's Little Album....family photos that she carried in her purse (updated March 28, 2004)