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50th Anniversary of Igor Kubik's Death

Igor Kubik

Eugene Kubik

50 years ago today, we lost a great man. I can't believe how fast the time as gone and how much of an impact he has on us even to this day. He lived a full life in 42 years in which most never live in lifetime.

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Lynn Erickson Holz He was so young.
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ReplyMay 5 at 12:35pm
Nadia Kubik Atkinson Thank you for sharing.
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ReplyMay 5 at 5:23pm
Tanya Kubik Roufs 50 years ago...and I remember every little detail from that life changing day. I also remember thinking that he was an old man...and old people do die. I was was 42. Now I have a son that's not very old at all!
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Reply May 5 at 5:37pm
Colleen Erickson I can't wait to meet him. I have heard so much good about him from friends and family!
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Reply May 6 at 6:53am

Oleh Kubik

May 5 at 6:43pm 

50 years ago today, May 5, 1967, our Dad Ihor Davidovich died. He was 42 years old. He was from Ukraine, survived the labor camps of Nazi Germany as a teenager. Liberated by the 101st Airborne.  Tasted his first Hershey bar and Wrigley's gum. Married Nina Dmitrivna Kryhina and emmigrated to America in 1949. Became a citizen in 1955. They raised a family of 5 children. Worked as a carpenter and a artist/craftsman. We will see him again.

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Iris Granberg Caprioni Till we meet again, Sir.
Vonnie Schroeder He was so young.
Joe Camerata So very sorry for having to lose him at such a young age. 
Joel Olson Love your family Oleh. Miss you all mightily.
Oleh Kubik It has done me a lot of good to run into your family too
Lynn Wendt Oleh Kubik and Joel, you two would totally rock a discussion on grace, Jesus, salvation, Papa . . . you get the idea.
Oleh Kubik I agree!!!!!!
Joel Olson Absolutely!

Victor Kubik

Cory Erickson Probably one of the great regrets of my life that I never met him. He must have been a great man Oleh.
Kevin Olson Wow! Thanks for the picture Oleh. I'd forgotten what he looked like. Thanks for the memories!
Thomas Nitz Your correct! Young, what did he due from?
Oleh Kubik Heart attack. Health was not good after the war
Thomas Nitz I HATE war!
Victor Kubik
Kathleen Hoffart He was a very talented man. And it showed in his paintings, ceramics and in his building skills. Even though I knew him for only a few months he left a deep impression on me. Yes, we will see him again!
Tracy Chellen What an honor you have shown to your father with this post, God Bless
Pat-Nancy Arnold It's hard to loose your father at such a young age but God truly blessed him in is short life and left a legacy with his children that they share the love of God in so many ways! I look forward to the day when I can meet him. Praise Almighty God and the coming resurrection!!!🙏🏽
Susan Grolemund Sorry to hear you lost your dad at such a young age. What a great reunion you will all have in a peaceful world to come.
Karen Allwine We want to meet him.
Bette 'Hustvedt' Lundberg Thanks for sharing Oleh. Gone way too soon. My father also died at age 42... Hard to grow up without a father.☹️😔🙁
Ruth Matthews Thanks for sharing the photo....good memories....but gone way too soon...we were kids then, but now have kids of our own that same age....looking forward to seeing both your folks again!
Maria Junko - Charuk I am very sorry for the loss of your father, I'm sure he was a wonderful man! May his memory be eternal.
Luba Ryder Lovely name Nina - my sister's name also. Sad about your Dad.
Elly Leanna Wow...what a story! You will see him again, and every heartache has been healed. Maybe memory will only exist to help others, but not sure. I do know that pain and sorrow will be gone.
May 6 at 7:54amEdited
Oleh Kubik Big like!
Victor Kubik
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Paulette Barterian what remarkable people your parents were ....
J Leslie Booth Amazing how much your father and mother brought 'good connections' into MY life. For that I am most thankful. I sincerely look forward to thanking him, personally, for those connections ... and even more, the relationships. Best to you Oleh. Thank you for the post. 
Kathy Lausted Indeed. Nice memory to have of your dad.
Tim Lindholm What an awesome family!!!! With love from the Lindholms!
Janice Knapp Kleier So young, what did he die from? Your children are close to that age now, aren't they?
Betsy McNellis Colbeth So young. My dad passed @ 48 & I always wondered what our adult relationship would be like.
Diane Rosenthal Oh yes you will!
John C Jr Kucewicz Thanks for sharing Oleh. Big hugs to you all. Our Dad's leave us with powerful life lessons, compiled down the ages of the previous generations.