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The Memorable Ernie Klassek of Perth, Australia – Part 1

I first met Ernie Klassek on July 14, 2016, in Perth, Australia, during an unforgettable visit to Western Australia in the middle of winter. Our journey took us to various churches in Australia and Singapore. The acquaintance with Ernie Klassek and his family left a lasting impression on us. His life of devout faithfulness to God serves as an example to us all. Bev and I were deeply moved by his faith, warmth, and friendliness. Since then, we have corresponded regularly.

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Ground Zero — Chapter 7 — Tremors

The Genesis of the United Church of God
A Personal View from Ground Zero

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Humbling and exciting was a personal tenor for me in the early 1990s. The wide-reaching organization that I considered a privilege to be a part of was growing. It had not only survived the death of its human founder a few years earlier, it was thriving. I counted myself fortunate for the humbling opportunity to serve, having experienced a broad spectrum – from ministerial trainee to a pastor serving multiple congregations to senior administrator, the latter a position I had never sought.

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An Insightful Talk with a Ukrainian-born Congresswoman

February 13, 2024

By Victor Kubik

Since the founding of LifeNets International some 25 years ago, from time to time we’ve met or worked with a number of public figures, including elected officials. Notable of course is our long-time relationship with former Indiana First Lady Judy O’Bannon, who supported LifeNets’ direct connection with the Ukraine-based Revival Centre in Chernihev near Chernobyl.  As many know, I was also able to join the then-First Lady’s extensive formal tour of Russia, back then quite a different nation than today.

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