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September 22,  2009                                Issue 10        
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Serbian Language Literature
Interview by Tartu Postimees Newspaper on August 28
Good News...Supplement for Nordic Edition
     Thank you for opening this newsletter and visiting with us. We are now a little more than one week from leaving for the Feast of Tabernacles which for our area will be held in Estonia. It will be observed at two sites. It will start in Kuressare on the Island of Saaremaa and end in Tartu.  More than 90 people are coming from Estonia, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Germany, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand and the United States to worship God and look to the coming Kingdom of God.  United Church of God's booklet God's Holy Day Plan: The Promise of Hope for All Mankind explains the wonderful meaning of these days of how they picture a future world of peace.  You can see the contents of this booklet on this link and order it as well.  At the Feast of Tabernacles we will have daily morning services.  There will be plenty of time for family recreation and fellowship. This is my 44th observance of the Feast. I have learned to understand a great deal about mind of God and His love towards mankind. In the October issue of this newsletter we will have a report about the Feast of Tabernacles in Estonia.

      Sept/Oct 2009 Good News CoverThe September/October edition of the Good News is in the mail and you should have received it or be receiving it soon.  By contrast to the prophesied utopian world we live in a world of suffering. That is the cover article in this issue of the GN.  Here is a listing of the current articles.   
     Editorial: Can You Know God's Plan?
     Suffering: How It Began, How It Will End
     How Paul Described His Thinking Before Conversion
     What Job Learned by Suffering
     What's Wrong With Our Governments? 
     The Biblical Festivals That Reveal God's Plan of Salvation
     How Will God Judge the World?
     How Can We Find the Pathway to Peace?
     Self-Control: Governing Your Life by the Power of God
     Could the Dollar Fall? 
     Afghanistan: What's Behind a Seemingly Unwinnable War? 

     You can view this newsletter plus all the previous ones on our Web site at http://kubik.org/ucgee. If you had this newsletter forwarded to you, you can order your own automatic subscription on that page.  We always enjoy hearing from you. 
                                                       In Christ's service, 
                                                       VK signature
                                                       Victor Kubik
                                                       Senior Pastor
Serbian Language Literature 
 John and Colleen Marinkov
      John and Colleen Marinkov 
There is now a UCG Web site in the Serbian language. It is very similar to the English site explaining the Church and its mission, plus how to make contact with us and obtain literature. Included in this site are Serbian-translated articles from the Good News, and information about the Ambassador Bible Center. Our translator, John Marinkov, who lives in the U.S. state of Washington and is employed at Boeing, is currently working on translating the Bible Study Course and wants to finish translating the booklet, The Church that Jesus Built.   

     Future plans include providing a Serbian version of each Bible Study Lesson and translated articles to look just like the present English version with pictures and all. John hopes that God will expand the work to include more proofreaders and translators.

     All of the Serbian language literature is available on United Church of God's Eastern European Website at http://www.ucg.org/easteuropean.
Interview by Tartu Postimees Newspaper on August 28
by Victor Kubik
     I was interviewed by a reporter for the Tartu Postimees, the main newspaper of the second largest city in Estonia. They found me through my Travel Blogs (http://www.ucg.org/resources/blog.htm).  The woman reporter Helena Nõmmik told me that they were interested in several things that we did in Estonia: visiting prisoners, repeated visits to their country, the Feast of Tabernacles and more.  She asked for a one-hour interview.

     Helena was very articulate and spoke excellent English. We used Skype for the interview. I had given her a number of other links to read before the interview which included our keeping the Feasts of Tabernacles, the Church Office maintained by Johnnie Lambert in Tartu, outreach projects through LifeNets and more. 

     The interview was very thorough, positive and respectful. I was amazed as to how much they had researched the Church. Helena had lots of questions about our visiting Valdur Vesingi at the prison  (www.kubik.org/prison/vesingi.htm).  They were impressed by the fact that he translated articles and booklets for the United Church of God and how this was good for both us and him.  

     Helena asked about the Feast of Tabernacles and about the big crowd of nearly 100 coming this fall. She asked about the biblical authority for the Feast and what it was all about.  She wanted to know the difference between our faith and the Lutheran Church which is the largest denomination in Estonia. In particular she was quite specific about what we actually believed about Christ's second coming and how it differed from the Lutherans. 

     She asked me what kept me coming back to this country.  I told her it was my being able to communicate with most of the population in Russian and my desire to do the Mission of our Church.  She then asked me about my Ukrainian/Russian background.  She herself is fluent in that language and talked some about the issues they have between the Russians and Estonians.

     She asked about our church office in Tartu and what we did. I told her that we used it to mail literature including magazines, booklets and a Bible Study Course to Estonia and the former USSR republics. 

     They had done enough research to know of UCG's roots and asked about our  main beliefs which I explained a number of our Fundamental Beliefs. 

     She then asked about the outreach work that LifeNets did in Estonia from our Web site at www.lifenets.org/ok.  Over the years we have helped the School for the Blind in Tartu, but in recent years have sponsored the OK movement (www.lifenets.org/ok) which is a national program for underage alcohol abuse and for FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome).  She wanted to know where we got our money and how we related to the United Church of God.  We told her about our interacting with Lauri Beekman, a Seventh Day Adventist who runs these programs. He has helped us with translation.  He has a national daily afternoon radio program from Tallinn that's info and call-in.

     We talked about connection with the Rotary Clubs in Tartu and our acquaintance with the former Tartu mayor Andrus Ansip and now Prime Minister.  I told her that this was through our Rotary connection.

     I invited her to come to our Feast Services in Tartu in October.  She said she might come.  In any event, she did want to meet our people in person. 

All this started by a search for TARTU in the TravelPod Travel Blog that led to other links-one leading to another. Some of posted information was 13 years old, but still of great interest to show our Church's history and commitment in this area. 
Good News Supplement for Nordic Edition
  September 1 Nordic Newsletter    Every other issue we include the Nordic Newsletter with the Good News. We wish to introduce a more personal side to our Good News workers and members. We also promote this eNewsletter hoping that more people subscribe to it.  We already have nearly 300 people receiving this email. All of our Nordic Newsletters are online at our Swedish Website at http://www.ucg.org/svenska
      In the last issue we featured the first-hand story of Artur Aleksandrov who lives in Tallinn, Estonia.  We ran that story in this newsletter a few months ago.  We also recounted our two personal visits to the Nordic and Eastern European countries this past year.
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