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October 14, 2010                                         Issue 16       
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Fall Festival on Saaremaa, Estonia September 22-30
Young Adults Travel to Germany for Pentecost
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        We are again happy to share news of the God's Work from our part of the world.  Attention focuses on two periods of worshiping God on Holy Days. We just experienced the Feast of Tabernacles that more than 15,000 people of the United Church of God observed in many sites around the world.  The one for our region was held on the island of Saaremaa in Estonia.  In addition some members in Scandinavia travelled to Germany, Portugal and the United States to keep the Festivals. The other story is of a gathering of young adults from Scandinavia and Europe in Germany for Pentecost earlier.

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          The October/November issue of our online Virtual Christian Magazine is listed below with links to this month's seasonal and relevant articles. I believe it's a particularly useful issue offering a diversity of articles about Halloween, death, Satan, prayer, offense, aging and the Arabic language.

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United Church of God Fall Festival on Saaremaa
        Thirty two people from six nations (Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Russia, United States and Canada), gathered on the island of Saaremaa, Estonia, to witness, in a small way, the future coming of God's Kingdom. Twenty of our 32 hailed from the nation of Latvia. Recognizing that we have been ordained to become kings and priests in God's Kingdom, this festival was our chance to train for and experience a taste of our future destiny. The peaceful setting of this island in the Baltic Sea, along with mostly warm and sunny weather, seemed also to be witnessing to the nature of God's coming Kingdom.
Group Photo of Attendees in Estonia FOT 2010
Attendees at the Estonia 2010 Fall Festival

        Britton Taylor from Fort Worth, Texas was our guest speaker, was accompanied by his wife Donna. Mr. Taylor spoke four times, providing instruction to "The Thin Red Line" of God's elect about the necessary traits we must acquire in order to enter into God's Kingdom. The message most remembered was "The Heart Of A Winner" in which he explained that, like the horse Secretariat, we need to have a similar heart to finish our race. John Trotter and Robert Schultz provided excellent sermonettes. With the Kubiks in Africa for this Festival, the contributions of these men were critical.

Britton and Donna Taylor
Britton and Donna Taylor from Ft. Worth, Texas

        An important lesson was how we can have large advantages at a small Feast site. In addition to marvelous group meals, every day is a chance to be together with everyone in fellowship. That is just not possible at large feast sites in the same way. Activities involved almost everyone every evening from bowling, to personal stories, a musical presentation, and Bible Studies. Even daily language differences can necessitate closeness and provide opportunities for serving as we develop affection for each other in working together. This is a part of the witness from our very small Feast site.

        In addition to the GO Spa being a luxury hotel, there were saunas, several large and several small pools of various temperatures, and various other facilities, all "in house."  The young people really enjoyed the pools every day, and so did some of the "not as young." Massages were available, and were popular as well.


        We began the Feast with the purpose of Learning to Fear The Eternal in an attitude of rejoicing. All left feeling that we had been faithful to our purpose.


                                                                                         - Johnnie Lambert

United Church of God Young Adults Travel to Germany for Pentecost
        This past May young adults in God's Church who are scattered throughout Europe gathered in Germany for a Pentecost weekend get together. John Wennström and I travelled down from
Paul Spenser from Sweden
Paul Spenser on guitar
Sweden and Norway respectively. John travelled by car from Oslo and I, by train, from Mjölby meeting at the Gothenburg train station. We then continued by car together. The drive was quite long. but fun, as we took it in turns driving the 12 hour journey.


Being isolated we were both really excited to meet with other brethren and go to Church services. The five day event was packed with fellowship, sports events, grilling, a film night and more.

        The theme for the weekend was taken from the Christ's Sermon on the Mount, Mathew 5:13-16. We had many encouraging discussions and Bible studies about how we can try to live up to Christ's words. Paul Kieffer, director of the United Church of God operations in the German language region, attended part of the get-together and led one interesting study on "being the salt of the earth."

Young Adults from Europe for Pentecost Weekend
Young Adults from Europe Gather for Pentecost

        It was great to meet old friends and make new ones within Europe. Another Pentecost weekend is planned for next year at the same location. For those not familiar with Gods Holy Day's please request your free copy of Gods Holy Day Plan. 


        You can view the article about the event published in the United News at http://www.ucg.org/un/un1007/young-adults-strengthen-bonds.htm.  Photos were taken by Jesmina Allaoua who manages the United Church of God office in Germany.

                                                                             - Paul Spenser
                                                                               Mjölby, Sweden


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