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November 3,  2009                                Issue 11        
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Feast of Tabernacles Observed in Estonia October 2-10
Literature Translated Into Polish
Featured Booklet this Month
Transatlantic Christian Friendship Between Scandinavian and American

     Thank you for your interest in the Work of the United Church of God in the Nordic, Baltic and Eastern European areas of the world.
     We have just returned from keeping the Fall Festivals in Estonia. We had the largest gathering ever for this part of the world with 90 visitors who came to rejoice before God. We had eight days of sermons, enjoyable recreational activities for entire families and good food. Everyone enjoyed the event immensely. One of our newsletter features below is about the Feast of Tabernacles. Much more can be found online that includes video, audio and photos of the event.

     While we distribute most of our Russian literature in formerly East bloc countries, we are increasingly sending it to those request it in the United States. There are many Russian-speaking immigrants, mostly in the states of Oregon and Washington who have requested our articles and our newest booklet about God's Holy Days in the Russian language.  I just sent about 20 copies of this booklet to a church in Portland, Oregon.

     As has been mentioned in a previous eNewsletter, we are hoping for the soon arrival of Natasha Weatherhead to work at the Home Office of the United Church of God. She is Belorusian and speaks impeccable Russian. Her coming to the United States has been delayed because of immigration procedures. She is, however, working for us from where she lives translating articles into the Russian language that are sent out with the Good News magazine to Eastern Europe.  We are praying that her arrival can be soon.

      You can view this newsletter plus all the previous ones on the Web at http://kubik.org/ucgee. If you had this newsletter forwarded to you, you can order your own automatic subscription on that page.  We always enjoy hearing from you. 
                                                       In Christ's service, 
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                                                       Victor Kubik
                                                       Senior Pastor
Feast of Tabernacles Observed in Estonia October 2-10
     We observe the Feast of Tabernacles as one of the commanded days of observance in Leviticus 23.  From October 2-10, 2009 90 people from Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada and the United States came together to observe the Festival. (The United Church of God holds more than 50 meetings simultaneously around the world.) We started on the island of Saaremaa, at a Spa hotel. This was particularly enjoyable for our 20 young people who enjoyed all the various pools.
Estonia 2009 Group 
     From Latvia we had 20 come from a church that now keeps the Sabbath and Holy Days/Festivals. Their pastor Robert Schultz spoke to us about how they come to understand some of the Fundamental Beliefs of the United Church of God through the Internet.. The 2006 Israel Lebanon war led them to find the booklet Middle East in Prophecy. That led to the Good News and the United Church of God.   
    Our Festival Theme this year was "Christ-Centered Servant Leadership in the World Tomorrow." Sermons touched on the rebuilding of the earth and the rehabilitation of society that will take place in the beginning of the Millennium. We were blessed to have elders Johnnie Lambert, Randy Schreiber, Phil Sandilands, Roland Clark and others who provided a good variety and depth in speaking.  

     A highlight event was an evening gathering where some of our  brethren told their stories. Klogay and Margaret Doh, Karen refugees from Thailand who have been resettled to Finland, told about their life in refugee camps and their new life in Finland. Margaret's sister in North Carolina was featured in the Festival video as one of the refugees resettled in the United States. Other stories were told by Mandy Heathcote formerly from Zimbabwe and now in New Zealand, Artur Aleksandrov, Russian Estonian living in Tallinn, Rainer and Margit Barth formerly from East Germany, Vello Saar, UCG member in Cincinnati who was born on Saaremaa. For the second half of the Feast we travelled to the 1000 year-old city of Tartu. For more about this event go to www.kubik.org/estonia.
Literature Translated Into Polish
  Sophie Banham
          Sofie Banham
      We are currently making an effort to make more of our literature available in the native language of the various countries in our region.  Sofie Banham, a United Church of God member in Australia, will be helping to translate some of our material into Polish.
     There are currently four of our fundamental beliefs ("God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit,"  "The Church," "The Word of God," and "Satan, the Devil") available in Polish.
     The word of the Kingdom of God begins small--as a mustard seed, but we have expectations of effective growth in Polish content and its proliferation. 
     You can see our Eastern European offerings on our United Church of God Website at www.ucg.org/easteuropean.
Featured Booklet this Month
Booklet about DeathAt a time of year when we celebrate life and salvation through the God-given Fall Festivals, the world is fascinated with death and the macabre practice of observing Halloween. 
       Life is precious to us. We don't want to die. But what really happens to us after death? Scientists, philosophers and even theologians don't agree. Where can we go for answers? Shouldn't we seek them from the Creator of life?  
     You can see a PDF, download to a mobile device, hear an audio mp3 version or actually order a conventional copy of this booklet directly from this link.
Transatlantic Christian Friendship Between Scandinavian and American
     John Wennström is of Swedish origin and works as an engineer in Norway. Danelle Lassiter is a nurse in North Carolina. Both are members of the United Church of God. They met at the United Church of God's 2008 Fall Festival in Jekyll Island, Georgia. Their friendship now spans the Atlantic Ocean.  They have travelled to each other's homes and tell their story in this style.

John and DanelleJohn: United Church of God members in Scandinavia are spread out in four  countries with three different languages. The distances makes it hard to assemble. Once in a while I visit the Spensers in Sweden, and last summer we had a assembly of almost all of us in Scandinavia. I was baptized at one of those assemblies. Now I tune in to the sermons from the Asheboro, North Carolina congregation via the Internet.

Danelle: Even though I grew up of Christian parents, I never studied the Bible with anyone my age in the way that I have with John. We would often study on Friday night and Sabbath morning. It was an amazing feeling to study with someone even if he was on the other side of the world. This started to occur every weekend after we met in Georgia.  John told me before he left that he would come visit in the spring. I didn't believe it, until he called me one day to tell me he bought the ticket to come over.

John: Yes, everything worked out very good with my job. I got two weeks vacation in February to go visit Danelle, her family and her congregation. I had already met many of them at the Feast of Tabernacles. Everyone looked so happy together, and they really were. The people made me feel at home. So, I decided to go there for the Spring Holy Days. I invited Danelle to come and visit me in Scandinavia.

Danelle: I was worried it would not be possible for me to visit John in Norway. I was in the middle of changing jobs. After a long time of uncertainty and patience, both for me and John, I finally sat on the airplane that would take me over the Atlantic Ocean, to something different. I couldn't believe this small town country girl finally got a passport and left the country. I received a warm welcome from John at the airport in Arlanda. 
We observed the first Sabbath at my father's home.Next day we started our road trip with my brother Anders and his girlfriend Alexandra, heading to the spectacular mountains of Norway. It wasn't long before we saw the waterfalls streaming down the mountain sides. We both where happy that we where able to see all this together.

Danelle on cliffDanelle: We saw waterfalls and big green fjords cut out from the spectacular mountains--wonderful places that cannot be described by words. We went to the west coast and saw Norway's most beautiful beach. There we thought about the Atlantic ocean that keep us separate. It is good it's only the water that separates us, and not beliefs or convictions.

     When I visited John I really learned to appreciate my brethren and that my family understands the truth. We were able to observe the Sabbath together by listening to sermons that I had brought with me and we read the bible together. Even though I missed my brethren, I could relax, knowing that they remembered me in prayers. And even though I felt insecure and alone sometimes, I was here with John.

     I have to admit I was nervous about meeting John's family since they did not understand our faith. They welcomed me with open arms and made me feel like part of the family. We went on a picnic with John's family one day

     We had a wonderful time traveling in Sweden and Norway. My favorite part of the journey was our camping trip. We read about creation in the bible throughout the trip. I felt really close to God studying about creation and being surrounded by nature. The stresses of the world melted away and I focused on the big picture. I felt so fortunate to be called to be part of God's plan and the Kingdom to come.  
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