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Nordic / Baltic / Eastern European Newsletter
May 30,  2009                                Issue 7           
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May/June Good News on its way to your region!
You can view slide show about Nordic/Baltic/Eastern European area right here
New employee for Eastern Europe
May 2009 journey to Denmark and Sweden
     We are excited about the development of United Church of God's mission to Nordic, Baltic and Eastern European areas of the world.  Increasingly people from these regions are subscribing to and asking questions about what they read. It is God who does the calling of and transforming a person's mind, but we have an important responsibility do work as diligently as we can to preach the Gospel.
     This issue of the eNewsletter tells more of the story of doing the Work of God in these areas. Your feedback and questions are always welcome.
     I will be coming to the Denmark again at the end of June and will continue on to Norway, Sweden and Ukraine. 
     You can view this newsletter plus all the previous ones on our Web site at
                                                       In Christ's service, 
                                                       VK signature
                                                       Victor Kubik
                                                       Senior Pastor
May/June issue of the Good News On Its Way! 
Connie Seelig
      Connie Seelig operating inserter for the 
                        Nordic mailing
The current issue of the Good News magazine for Eastern Europe has now been mailed from our Home Office in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Before, we were mailing most of the magazines from Tartu, Estonia. We will still continue some of the mailings from Tartu, but periodicals and dated materials such as the magazine will come from Cincinnati. 
     We are able to mail the magazines at the same postage rate as we did from Estonia, but a new inserting machine which can handle 3000-4000 magazines in one hour now prepares the magazines for mailing.
     Our mailing list in the Nordic countries is 560 and about 1200 in the Baltic and Eastern European countries.  The complete mailing procedure can now be done in less than one hour.
 Victor Kubik
     Victor Kubik standing by mailing containers 

Connie Seelig, mail processing manager says the following about the new inserter: "Having this new machine will reduce the number of volunteer hours needed to insert much of our material. It will save approximately 650 to 850 volunteer hours per year for just the international GN mailings of the magazine. We have numerous letter jobs that should run quite a bit faster on the new inserter as well. With the intelligence feature of the new equipment, we will also be able to run many of our booklet jobs that require selecting several different booklets for each envelope."
GCE Slide Show Available 
At the United Church of God's annual General Conference of Elders we made a PowerPoint presentation about the Work of God in the Nordic/Baltic and Eastern European regions that we serve. 
     We are able to share that program with you in both video and PowerPoint formats. This will give you an idea about the people and geography of our service areas. 
     You can see all formats at www.kubik.org/east. The slide above is one of our families that lives in Norway. To instantly see a video right-click here.
Soon: New Employee Natasha Weatherhead
Natasha Weatherhead We are happy to announce that Natasha Weatherhead will be helping with many critical tasks for the Work in Eastern Europe.  She will work at the the United Church of God Home Office in Cincinnati, Ohio. Currently she lives in Barbados and arrangements are being made for her move. 
     Natasha is originally from Belarus and has been volunteering for us for the past seven years. We need her translation and editorial skills to keep up with Russian-speaking areas of the world. She will also manage our subscriber services including managing our mailing lists and help with subscriber correspondence. 
     Russian is the world's fifth most spoken language and we are receiving increased requests for literature.   
May 2009 Journey to Denmark/Sweden 
From May 13-19 Victor and Beverly Kubik visited United Church of God members and new interested people in Sweden and Denmark. We are always encouraged when we receive letters expressing interest in a new way of life and in making changes in how one thinks and lives.  
     We visit the Nordic countries periodically and would be more than happy to meet with you. Please write to us at the contact information below. Below is a map of our itinerary in Sweden and Denmark.
Itinerary of May 2009 trip to Denmark/Sweden
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