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March 3, 2010                                   Issue 13        
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From Johnnie Lambert: Frosty Dark Days in Tartu, Estonia
Visit to Natasha Weatherhead and Barbados Church in January
Featured Booklet this Month -- The Book of Revelation Unveiled. Now in Russian
Heroes of Faith
John Wennström talks about his new life
     We won't get all of our news into this edition, so we'll probably have another newsletter follow in a few weeks.  News items from the Nordic / Baltic / Eastern European areas are always very exciting.      
  Natasha Weatherhead
  Natasha Weatherhead
     Good News!  Natasha Weatherhead, our newest staff employee has received her visa to work at our United States Home Office in Cincinnati, Ohio. Natasha is from Belarus and lives in Barbados. She has volunteered her Russian skills for several years now but we  need her help very much with translation and help with organizing our work. Not knowing how long before she would receive her admittance documents to the USA, my wife and I visited with her in Barbados in January to train her in some of our telecommuting procedures. More on Natasha in an article block below. 
      I was hoping to travel through Scandinavia in early April, but because of extra demands with my other responsibilities and greatly reduced travel options over the Easter holiday period, I decided to postpone this trip to later May and combine it with another journey I was going to make later in June/July. It will be a comprehensive trip visiting several new people asking for visits in Sweden, Denmark and Finland, plus all of our friends, members and Good News readers along our route.  We also have an applicant to the Ambassador Bible Center we would like to interview in Norway as well.  We travel by train which is very efficient and economical.

      Johnnie Lambert, our associate pastor, has been in Tartu, Estonia for the past month. He has written a report below.

      One of our big projects this past month has been to transport nearly half a ton of literature we have printed in Ukraine to our office in Tartu. It is not an easy step, but we believe that we figured out a way to get it from a Christian Mission in Western Ukraine to the Smiltene Baptist Church in Latvia.  From there it's only 90 more miles to Tartu. That will get it inside the European Union. This shipment includes booklets, Bible Study Courses in Russian plus an inventory of two booklets in the Swedish language.

      Since you all rely on the Internet to contact us (that's how you're reading this eNews), you may want to view the latest version our Virtual Christian Magazine at www.vcmagazine.org  The March edition form contains short Internet-style articles about responsibility, forgiveness, peace, Rahab and grace. From this edition you can easily go back to archives of previous editions.  February's edition had intriguing articles about Darwinism, how to cope with trials of life, God's help and much more.

      As mentioned we will another eNews come out shortly as we will have news about the Fall Festival in Estonia again this fall.

     You can view this newsletter plus all the previous ones on the Web at http://kubik.org/ucgee. If you had this newsletter forwarded to you, you can order your own automatic subscription on that page.  Let us hear from you. We always enjoy hearing from our readers.

                                                       In Christ's service, 
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                                                       Victor Kubik
                                                       Senior Pastor   Hit Counter
From Johnnie Lambert:  Frosty Dark Days in Tartu, Estonia
Tartu, Estonia  

     Arriving in Tartu after a trip of two plus days, the weather has been quite cold and there is a lot of snow. The snow transitioned into ice on the sidewalks as people walked on it and the sun heated it enough to facilitate the packing process. Having had my second knee replacement 10 Dec., I have tried to avoid walking outside very much.

      I just relaxed and spent some personal time my first weekend (6 Feb.)here. On 13 Feb., Artur Aleksandrov met me at the bus station at 6:30, and we took the bus to Valga where one of the Schultzs will meet us and drive us to Smiltene for Sabbath Services. We are looking forward to seeing all the members there and spending the Sabbath together. On 20 Feb., we held Sabbath Services at our apartment in Tartu.

     On 16 Feb., Artur and I visited Valdur Vesingi at the Tartu Prison. Valdur continues to do excellent translation of booklets for us. Judy Sieker and Carolyn Barker are in the process of publishing Jesus Christ: The Real Story, and The Road To Eternal Life which Valdur translated. Toomas Schvak did his usual excellent job of editing.


     We also have two new Russian Language booklets which I brought with me on this trip; The Book of Revelation Unveiled, and Is The Bible True? Thanks to Natasha Weatherhead and Carolyn for their work on these booklets.

     Natasha, from Barbados, is now entering data into the Cincinnati data base for new literature requests. Typically, we receive about three requests per day by Internet for the Estonian and Russian areas. Connie Seelig in Cincinnati, Ohio, makes labels and e-mails the labels to me, making this quite easy for me. I can print the labels and mail the booklets. I presently have about 90 booklet requests to mail out with more coming.

     That is the news from Tartu where the dark days are starting to get longer and brighter.

Visit to Natasha Weatherhead and Barbados Church January 15-18
     The United Church of God has hired Natasha Weatherhead to work at the Home Office in Cincinnati as a much-needed specialist for our Russian-speaking areas of the world  The problem has been that she lives in Barbados in the Caribbean and she needed a work visa to come to the United States. Her work will be in translation, managing subscriber lists, personal correspondence and maintaining our Eastern European products on the Internet. Russian is the fifth most spoken language in the world.  The  potential harvest of conversions is in Russian-speaking areas of the world is high.
 Victor Kubik and Natasha Weatherhead
    Victor Kubik and Natasha Weatherhead.
   Beverly Kubik takes photo in mirror
      As noted in beginning of this newsletter, she has now been granted admittance to the United States, but because of delays for several months we were wondering if it would indeed happen. 

      In January we still didn't know how long it would be until she would arrive, so my wife Beverly and I travelled to Barbados to acquaint and train her for various aspects of the job, mainly data entry that she could do remotely from Barbados. 

      While in Barbados we also had the opportunity to visit and speak to the enthusiastic  Bridgetown congregation. We were hospitably received by the Barbadians, particularly the Stephen and Jan Crosby family who had us over for dinner with other brethren Friday evening.  Part of our Sunday was an excursion of the beautiful Caribbean island.
      Now we look forward to Natasha's arrival to the United States! 
Featured Booklet this Month --The Book of Revelation Unveiled.  Now in Russian! 
Book of Revelation in Russian     Always one of our more popular booklets, The Book of Revelation Unveiled extends the Gospel Message into the future and shows how the Kingdom of God will eventually come.

      The booklet shows how one CAN understand the Book of Revelation, the Church in Prophecy, the Day of the Lord and much more.

      Revelation's main prophetic message is unveiled primarily through seven sets of symbols sketched on a scroll fastened with seven successive seals. Jesus Christ breaks the seals and opens the scroll before John's eyes. John sees and describes the symbols of the vision, each having a specific prophetic significance.

       The booklet is available in English by clicking on the link above.  It's available in Russian, too,  but you have to write to one of our addresses at the bottom of this newsletter.
Heroes of Faith
     At our last autumn's Feast of Tabernacles in Estonia, we devoted an evening to Christians who lived in oppressive and persecuted conditions telling us their Margaret and Klogay Dohstories. What an interesting and inspiring evening! People from Estonia, Latvia, Finland (formerly from refugee camps in Thailand), East Germany, Zimbabwe told stories about what it was like living in difficult circumstances. The stories were courageous, emotional and made us all thankful for God's protection and continued security of our lives. 

     You can read an accounting by Karen Allwine, one of the American visitors to the Festival on the Island of Saaremaa. On the left is a photo of Margaret Doh and her husband Klogay who now live in Kemi, Finland. They lived almost all their lives as Karen refugees in a camp in Thailand.  Five years ago they found asylum in Finland. We were very happy to have them visit us.  There are two others families in Norway who were not able to come this past year, but hopefully will this coming fall in Estonia.
John Wennström of Oslo, Norway talks about his new life
     John Wennström United Church of God member John Wennström of Oslo, Norway talks about his new life in the Church in the January 2010 issue of the United News. See it here NOW!
     My wife Beverly and I met John in Oslo about two years ago. He was baptized at our Summer Gathering in Sweden in July 2008.  
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