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Nordic / Baltic / Eastern European Newsletter
March 25, 2009          Issue 5           
In this issue
Report from Johnnie Lambert currently in Estonia
2009 Feast of Tabernacles in Estonia has reached maximum capacity
Albina Biktimirova from Russia baptized in Phoenix March 15, 2009
Helga Mägi would appreciate a note of encouragement from you

Our news this month centers around Johnnie Lambert's visit in Estonia and his work with our subscriber list and radio advertising on Pere Raadio.  Also he has visited with Robert Schultz and his congregation in Smiltene, Latvia. Please be sure to read his report below. 
We appreciate the diligent work of Paul and Kira Spenser in Mjölby, Sweden who manage mail and subscribers writing to our Stockholm Good New mailbox.

We have had about 20 new subscribers to this newsletter this past month. We thank you for your interest in United Church of God happenings in territories that stretch from Scandinavia to the Baltic Republics to the rest of Eastern Europe. We hope to add more of our Good News subscribers to this eNewsletter. We have been encouraged by new people writing to us from Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Some have asked for literature.  Others for baptism. 

My travel plans for the next journey to your area is to leave from the United States on June 29th and visit in Scandinavia, Estonia and Ukraine until about July 16th

Again we would like to hear from you and if there is anything you'd like to share with those who receive this newsletter.  
You can view this newsletter plus all the previous ones on our Web site at

                                                       In Christ's service, 
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                                                       Victor Kubik
Report from Elder Johnnie Lambert Currently in Estonia  
The work in Eastern Europe has been continuing from the office in Tartu since my 25 February arrival. The literature distribution has now reached an approximate total of 700 Good News magazines, along with booklets and other periodicals.

New requests of approximately 100 per month continue to be received.
Commercials that have been run on Pere Raadio (Family Radio) netted 50 new subscribers to the Bible Study Course. These commercials also offered three booklets that have been translated and published in Estonian. Presently, commercials are running for the first time in the Russian Language and also Ukrainian.

Tree of the Knowledge of Good and EvilDavid Teague, a talented artist from New York drew pictures of The Tree of Good and Evil, and also The Tree of Life. At Sabbath Services in Smiltene, Latvia, on 14 March, the picture of The Tree of Good and Evil  (pictured on the right)was presented to the church congregation. Plans call for the picture of The Tree of Life to be presented on 28 March, just before leaving for home. Several church members were motivated by the picture to comment on how profound those trees are. This was something they had never previously considered or realized. Obviously they had not ever met or heard Mr. Armstrong. It is said that one picture is worth a thousand words.

Sabbath Services were held in Tartu on 21 March with nine people present, including four Latvians. Artur Aleksandrov, a tri-lingual 18 year old Russian from Tallinn attended Sabbath Services for the first time. Artur is planning to start college classes at Tartu University in September.
On a sad note, Helga Mägi, longtime faithful member has not been able to leave her house for the last two months. She does not even come out for Sabbath Services.  

Prisoner Valdur Vesingi continues to do well at the Tartu Vangla Prison. He translates booklets into Estonia and is quite good at it. His biggest problem is that he only has limited time on the prison computer. We hope to be able to get him his own computer, but this will be arduous. We will need to make a special petition to the warden of the prison in hopes that he may allow Valdur to have a computer. He has not been inclined to do this in the past.

In the last two issues of the Good News, we have been able to include articles translated by Natasha Weatherhead into the Russian language. A special thanks to Toomas Schvak who has faithfully translated Good News articles into Estonian for several years now along with other translating and editing work which he does for the United Church of God. 

The objective is to complete a total of three months mailings before leaving Estonia on 30 March.
                                                                                  -- Johnnie Lambert
Feast of Tabernacles in Estonia October 2-10 NOW FULL!!  
Never have we had such an interest in the Feast of Tabernacles in Estonia.  We have definite commitments numbering almost 90, our capacity. Our high number for the Fall Festival previously had been about 65 in 2005.
While the world economy has been suffering, it has also produced some attractive hotel and air transportion prices. Also, the US dollar has gained against Estonia Feast site mapthe Euro and Estonian Kroon by more than 20%.  All these factors contribute to the Feast of Tabernacles being more affordable. The Feast will be held at two locations to which everyone will travel. The first site will be on the island of Saaremaa in the town of Kuresaarre. Midway through the Feast we will travel by bus to the charming city of Tartu.
You can see a description of the Feast at  Here you will also find updated information about the Feast for those who will be going.
The nations represented at the Feast will be Estonia, Latvia, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand and Canada.
First Service will be Friday evening, October 2nd at 7:30 PM. 
Location of Services:  All meetings will be held in the hotel conference room in both Saaremaa and Tartu.

(If you would like to know more about the observance of God's Holy Days and Feasts, please contact me at and I will send you the booklet about them in English.)
Albina Biktimirova from Russia baptized in Phoenix March 15, 2009
Albina Biktimrova from Ufa, Russia is working in the United States as an au pair for a United Church of God family. She cares for small children in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Albina came into contact with the United Church of God through the Internet and has been attending church services for nearly two years.  Albina Biktimirova 
While on a recent trip to Phoenix with my wife Beverly for a Women's Weekend I was honored to take part in Albina's baptism which was done at the home of deacon Monte Knudson and his wife Susie.
Pastor John Elliott conducted a short Bible Study for all present about baptism. Then the both of us baptized her in a pool. This was followed by a dinner when all present shared in the joy of this ceremony. On the photo from left to right are Albina Biktimirova, Victor Kubik and John Elliott.
Albina comes from remote Russia south of the Ural Mountains that separate European from Asiatic Russia.  It took her two and a half days to get to Moscow by train before her long flight to Arizona.
Helga Mägi Would Appreciate a Card of Encouragement From You
Earlier in this newsletter Helga Mägi in Center -- also Jim Franks Britt Taylor and Beverly KubikJohnnie Lambert informed us about Helga Mägi's health and how she has been house-bound for the past two months. Helga is a courageous woman who has almost always made it to Tartu for meetings with us when we visit Estonia. We've been sorry not to be able to see her in either our January or the current trip.  On the right is a photo of Helga in the center when ministers Jim Franks (left) and Britton Taylor visited Tartu this past July. On the right is my wife Beverly. 
While Helga understands only Estonian and Russian, she does appreciate it when people send her cards. She has others who know English come by and then read them to her in Estonian. Why don't you send her your well-wishes?
I called her on the phone a few days ago and she was in good spirits, but wearied by the long winter and being shut in all this time.  She will be greatly encouraged if you send her a card and perhaps some pictures or a postcard of where you are from! Her mailing address is: 
       Helga Mägi
       Vaimastvere 3-3
       Jőgevamaa 48401
There's always more news, but we'll stop here. Again, we would like to hear from you about anything that you would like to share with us in our Nordic/Baltic/Eastern European eNewsletter.
Last night I was finally able to watch a documentary called The Singing Revolution about how Estonia became independent of the Soviet Union. It was a most moving documentary as all the Estonian settings in Tallinn and Tartu are familiar to us. Actually, it was quite emotional to see all that occurred less than 20 years ago and to see the strength of the Estonian (as well as other Baltic Republics) determination to free themselves of the tyranny of the neighboring giant who oppressed them since 1939.
In the next issue we'll talk more about the LifeNets sponsored English as a Second Language and camp program in Vinogradov, Ukraine this summer. The project is headed by Cindy and Dan Harper.  Ken and Cherie Zahora who are both school teachers from Indianapolis will be there, too, to teach our street children and orphans. I plan to be along for some of the program in July.
See you in about a month!
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