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January 22, 2009                               Issue 3 
Warsaw, Poland
Beverly and I are moving along on our journey through Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Sweden. We're in Warsaw now staying with family friends of many years, Andy and Karen Lee. Yesterday we went to the Uprising Museum which very soberly told the story of Warsaw's battle against the Nazi's in a 63 day uprising starting on August 1, 1944 in which 200,000 Poles died. 
It's been a very useful trip so far. In Ukraine we arranged for the printing of 21,000 copies of lessons 7-12 of the Bible Study Course along with 1500 copies of God's Holy Day Plan--Hope For All Mankind booklet. All these publications are in Russian. The cost of printing this literature is a fraction of what it would be in the West. 
Our biggest challenge was to get this literature to our mailing location in Estonia. Estonia has not liked printed matter coming in from Ukraine. We think we have solved the problem as one of the Sabbatarians who does business in Europe and has what it called a Schengen visa. He can deliver our entire stock of printed literature to Estonia from Ukraine in one load and it will be well worth it for him to take a van full of literature directly from Ukraine to Estonia for us. 
As you will read below, we want to start mailing our periodicals to Eastern Europe from Cincinnati.  We will continue to mail the Bible Study Course and custom requests from Tartu. 
Thank you for your prayers for the Work of God and for the isolated brethren in this part of the world.
                                                       In Christ's service, 
                                                       VK signature
                                                       Victor Kubik
Blog of January Journey 2009 Snowman
You can follow our journey on Travelpod. You can get to it via the United Church of God Web site at or through my Web site at  Click anywhere on the snowman on the home page of that site for instant access. Our last newsletter gave the itinerary for our trip of which we are getting to the midpoint. 

Lambert and Kubik Visit Home Office About Eastern Europe

On January 6and 7 Johnnie Lambert and Victor Kubik visited the Home Office to discuss, among several matters, the streamlining of mailing  literature to our Baltic and East Home Office Visit GroupEuropean subscribers. The mailing procedure is complex because there are so many different items requested from diverse areas in various languages. In the photo on the right are the staff that we met with. From left to right is Richard Kennebeck, Johnnie Lambert, Alec Surratt, Donna Surratt, Connie Seelig and Victor Kubik.
Lambert and Kubik combine to make about six annual trips to the Baltic area where Johnnie Lambert maintains an apartment which serves as the Church Office. From there mailings are made - one for each issue of the Good News. We also send out the Bible Study Course in the Estonian and Russian languages. To save postage we bundle everyone's requests into one envelope. A person can receive the Good News, a Bible Study Course lesson and booklets.  Toomas Schvak in Tallinn translates two articles in the Good News into the Estonian language.  With the current mailing for the January/February Good News we will also include two articles in the Russian language translated by Natasha Weatherhead who currently lives in Barbados. We feature booklets in Russian and Estonian, as well.  Envelopes with a combination of these items will have to be custom stuffed.
A conference lasting several hours was held on January 6 with Connie Seelig, Home Office mailing specialist, Alec and Donna Surratt with International mail. Also present was Richard Kennebeck who manages the technical side of the data bases. We were able to discuss how a bigger part of the periodical literature mailing could be done from the Home Office. It costs no more to mail periodicals from Cincinnati. Discussion continued about how Lambert and Kubik can enter, maintain and do reports from the main Good News data base. This will help keep a close eye on the list of subscribers and develop strategies about how to communicate with and develop a relationship with them.

Jim Franks and Johnnie LambertThe visit happened to include the morning when the Home Office employees prepare an annual breakfast for the ABC students. Pictured on the left is Jim Franks and Johnnie Lambert at the breakfast.
Before going to Cincinnati Johnnie Lambert spent an evening with Victor Kubik printing labels for the mailing that the Kubik's will do from Tartu, Estonia January 25-29th.  Both worked until after 2:00 am to create coded labels that show what literature items (Good News, Bible Study Course and booklets along with translated articles in either Estonian or Russian) will be inserted. 
Working With Vinogradov, Ukraine Street Children
On the LifeNets Web site all the reports about the highly successful project to teach English as a Second Language are complete.  We just posted the slide show and video produced by Stefan Saxin from Gothenburg, Sweden. The slide show and video capture the spirit of the project.  You can see the updates at

Stefan's video can be seen on YouTube by clicking here.
We will repeat our project this coming year in the first weeks of July.  So far, those going will be Dan and Cindy Harper from Cherbourg, France and Ken and Cherie Zahora.  We are very happy to do this again. Pastor Vasyl Polichko and his wife who care for the street children are very happy about this. We have been pleased to partner with the Polichko's passion for loving and caring for these children with interested people in the United Church of God who want to make an impact and difference with these children. 
We have just returned from spending several days at the orphanage where some of the children live. You can also read about our visit with them on our current travel blog.
Nordic Newsletter inserted into GN mailing to Nordic countries.
In the November / December issue we inserted a four-page full-color newsletter in the Good News mailing.  Our circulation for these countries which includes Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland totals 875 subscribers.  With the new Home Office mailing inserting machine it was easy to combine the mailing of the Good News with the Nordic newsletter.
The purpose of sending a newsletter is to put on a more personal face to the people behind the Good News.  You can see a copy of the last hard copy newsletter on UCG's Swedish page at

We continue our journey to spend the weekend with pastor Robert Schultz and his family. His congregation has adopted the Sabbath and Holy Days.  We are looking forward to attending services with them in Smiltene, Latvia.
Then on to Estonia and finally Sweden.  If you wish, you can follow us us on our Travel Blog mentioned above. 
Please feel free to write to us and send us information that we could share about you in this newsletter. We have almost 90 people who have subscribed to receive this newsletter. 
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