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Nordic / Baltic / Eastern European Newsletter
April 30,  2009                  Issue 6           
In this issue
Nordic/Baltic/Eastern European work featured at GCE
Booklets available in Swedish
This summer! Teaching English as a Second Language -- 2nd year in Ukraine
A word about Johnnie Lambert
Death of pioneer in our Russian work, Dr. Ivan Czornyj
Dear Victor,
     Thank you for opening our eNewsletter! Our circulation has now grown to more than 220. Several subscribers to the Good News magazine in the Nordic countries have requested it. Our intent with this eNewsletter is to put on a more personal face to what we do. We want to talk about the people who serve in the Nordic, Baltic and Eastern European regions. We are pleased to share news and happenings with you.
     The May/June issue of the Good News will shortly be in the mail. The lead articles deal with the institution of marriage. The editorial is entitled "Why Marriage Matters." Then there is an article "What To Do After You Say 'I Do," and a though-provoking article entitled "The Truth About Love." 
     The Good News interviews Dr. Pat Love, author of The Truth About Love. Dr. Love discusses the phases couples go through in marriage and how understanding those phases can greatly strengthen one's marriage. 
      My personal plans will be to visit Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Ukraine in late June and early July. Perhaps we'll see some of you. We travel regularly through the area and always enjoy meeting readers of the Good News magazine.
     Again we would like to hear from you and if there is anything you'd like to share with those who receive this newsletter, please let us know. You can view this newsletter plus all the previous ones on our Web site at  
                                                       In Christ's service, 
                                                       VK signature
                                                       Victor Kubik
Nordic/Baltic/Eastern European Work Featured at GCE
PowerPoint Slide Our work in these parts of the world will be featured at the annual conference of the General Conference of Elders this year. A presentation by Victor Kubik will speak about the the scope of the work, the people and the particular challenges they have as Christians. This will be done on Sunday, May 3rd along with other international presentations. The entire PowerPoint presentation will be available online after its made and will be announced in our next newsletter.
     The Annual conference of the GCE is held every year usually in the first month of May to discuss the Work of the Church.  A majority of our elders from all over the world attend. The theme of this year's conference is "Making Disciples, a Whole Church Effort."
Booklets in the Swedish Language
What is Your Destiny Road to Eternal LifeWe are adding literature in more languages as our resources permit.  We are happy to offer the booklet What is Your Destiny? (left) and The Road to Eternal Life (right) free of charge. 
     You may order them from our Swedish office by email or regular mail

Mailing Address:
The Good News
P.O. Box 3535
111 74 Stockholm
Teaching English as a Second Language 2nd Year in Vinogradov, Ukraine
 Dan and Cindy Harper
      Dan and Cindy Harper  
This summer four volunteers along with Victor Kubik will make their way to western Ukraine for a two week project. Daniel and Cindy Harper from Cherbourg, France and Ken and Cherie Zahora from Indianapolis, Indiana along with Victor Kubik will have the opportunity to visit Vinogradov, Ukraine in July to teach English and mentor a very special group of children.  

     This year's project will be an opportunity to build upon a project started last year: teaching English as a second language to street children in Vinogradov, Ukraine. All year round there is an existing soup kitchen project supported by LifeNets and headed by a devoted couple, Vasyl and Irina Polichko. The Polichkos have given their time and energy to daily feeding (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) the needy children in their village. Each summer they go beyond this daily service to provide a fun and educational camp for the children. 

     Our volunteers will provide English classes each morning of camp and help to organize and staff sports and leisure activities in the afternoon. English classes will involve basic but useful phrases and vocabulary taught through songs, games, and hands-on activities. Two separate classes are organized, one for returning children from the previous year and a separate one for the new children.  
 Ken and Cherie Zahora
        Ken and Cherie Zahora 
     Returning children will have a chance to review what they learned the summer before and deepen their understanding of basic concepts and words. New children will experience the same curriculum from last year but with changes made from lessons learned. With these classes the volunteers aim to create and nurture a love of learning the English language as well as give the children a strong foundation in learning this powerful language of business and opportunity. Outside of class, other activities throughout the day will provide chances for further positive interaction, teaching, and mentoring. It is the hope of the volunteers to make an impact on the lives of the children, not only through English but also through loving, patient, caring interactions, positive examples and service in all the activities throughout camp.  
     To get an overview of our working in Vinogradov the past eight years, see comprehensive reporting at                                                                                                                                - by Cindy Harper 
A Word About Johnnie Lambert, Our Associate Pastor  
Johnnie Lambert
Johnnie Lambert, our tireless elder who serves in the Nordic/Baltic/Eastern European areas had knee replacement surgery on April 21. The orthopedic surgeon was surprised at how much damage his left knee had sustained since the original surgery took place when he was in college at Georgia Tech during the early 1960's. However he went on to say that the procedure went "very well" and he was "very pleased with the outcome".  He also stated he felt the range of motion and amount of function would be greatly increased.

     He is recovering well at home now. Thanks to everyone for your prayers and please continue to pray that everything will continue to go well and that he will have a speedy recovery without any complications. We all pray for a full recovery for Johnnie Lambert!
Death of Ivan Czornyj
Dr. Ivan Czornyj was a pioneer in translating literature into Russian for the Church. He helped with translation and consultation in the United Church of God from 1995 to 1998.  His pastor, Doug Johnson, in Cleveland, Ohio notified us of death and writes this obituary:  
Dr. Ivan Czornyj, 97, died here April 13, after a number of years of declining health. He is survived by two sisters in Ukraine. 

     Dr. Czornyj was born in Ukraine in January 1912 (three months before the Titanic sank on its maiden voyage!). He immigrated to this country after World War II. Baptized in 1957, he taught Russian language classes at Ambassador College, Pasadena in the late 1950s and early 1960s. He was also involved in translating booklets into Russian for both the Worldwide Church of God and, in its early years, the United Church of God. Some of that early translation work proved helpful in the church's reaching out to Ukrainian Sabbatarian groups, and in their subsequent use of the material in other parts of the former Soviet Union, including the startup of a congregation in Siberia. 

     The funeral was conducted on April 16 by Doug Johnson, pastor of the UCG-Cleveland congregation.  
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