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March 18, 2011                                       Issue 20       
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Report from Tartu, Estonia by Johnnie Lambert
Feast of Tabernacles on Saaremaa, Estonia October 12-20
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We are all looking forward to springtime when the days are longer and the temperature warmer. I am sure you are, too. We think of you often, our friends and readers in the northern latitudes.


Our associate pastor Johnnie Lambert just spent a month in Estonia and Latvia. He includes his report below in this newsletter.


In the Good News magazine that has been sent to readers in our Russian speaking countries,rus gn 200 we included a supplement on the right. It includes a number of articles about the the spring Holy Days that the church observes. These are not traditional days observed by most of the world, but those that were ordained by God from the beginning and practiced by the New Testament Christian Church. Early Christians knew nothing of Easter and Christmas observance. These were days added or, more accurately, adopted from pagan religions in which Christians lived. There pagan days supplanted the days that God has ordained to be kept. 


In a month we will be observing the Passover that Christ kept and one in which He instituted the symbols of the bread and wine signifying His great sacrifice that has brought redemption to mankind.


Taking the symbols of Christ's suffering and death is done once a year. The Old Testament Passover looked forward to Christ. Jesus Christ instituted the New Testament symbols. We do not have eternal life until we take the Passover which is observed by those who are baptized and have received the Spirit of God. We explain this in our booklet God's Holy Day Plan, The Promise of Hope for All Mankind that you can read and order online at http://www.ucg.org/booklets/HD/.


Holy Day BookletWe are now busily preparing for our Fall Festivals, that are also explained in detail in this free booklet. We will be keeping the Feast of Tabernacles in Estonia this fall. The dates are October 13 through 19th.  We hope to have about 70 people in attendance that will include instructional church services, family time and recreation. We plan to have people come from North America, Latvia, Sweden, Estonia and hopefully from other countries. You can read about plans for this coming fall on a special Web location at www.kubik.org/estonia.  If you have wanted to meet with and talk to a minister of the United Church of God, you may want to consider visiting us here this fall.


We appreciate the increased contact we've had with a number of your in the past few months. Johnnie Lambert plans to visit people in Denmark, Sweden and Finland when he comes again to this area in the month of May. 


May God bless you at this time of year.  Please don't hesitate to contact me and Johnnie Lambert in the United States or Paul Spenser in Sweden, if you have any questions.      

In Christ's service,  

Victor Kubik


Senior Pastor

Report from Tartu, Estonia by Johnnie Lambert
March 6, 2011 

I am preparing to leave Tartu after almost a month, it seems that the weather is finally changing. This has been the coldest winter in my memory here. Nightly temperatures have been 10 below Fahrenheit (minus 23 C) and daytime temperatures have also been very cold. 

Gathering at the Schultz's home

Gathering at the Schultz's home


Along with two Estonians, Imbi Kuusksalu and Andrus Rips, I visited the Latvians in Smiltene yesterday, March 5. Outside there was still a deep snow cover. But inside with the Latvians, the friendship was very warm. We arrived at the Schultz house early in the morning. After living for years in an upstairs apartment at the church building, Elita had prayed to God for a house. Her promise to God was that if He would give them such a house, they would use it to serve His people. God did give them a beautiful house, and every Sabbath there is a Sabbath Feast at the Schultz house for the brethren in Smiltene. Worship services were held from 10 AM until 12 noon. Then we returned to the Schultz house for the customary feast. 

At Church Services in Smiltene, Latvia

At Church Services in Smiltene, Latvia

As many of you have seen, the Russian insert for the Good News is in a new and much improved format. I encountered that in several places on this trip. Natasha, along with others at the home office, has been responsible for this improvement. Toomas Schvak is now the Chief Editor of the Estonian TEA Encyclopaedia. While he continues to maintain his high position with the European Union Library Project, he still finds time to translate Good News Articles into Estonian and to do some editing of booklets for us. Imbi Kuusksalu has translated three booklets into Estonian for publication; "Is The Bible True?", "Marriage and Family", and "Managing Your Finances".  We also have one new booklet in Russian, "Why Does God Allow Suffering?" After finishing "What Happens After Death?", Valdur Vesingi is now translating "The Book of Revelation Unveiled" into Estonian. The Latvians should have their first booklet ready for publication soon. Carolyn Barker and Judy Sieker have a lot of publishing work to do.

Snow piled up outside the Schultz's

Snow piled up outside the Schultz's


We have mailed out one thousand envelopes on this trip. There are many people getting the Good News of God's Coming Kingdom. But we are not receiving the same number of new requests that we were receiving for the last year. As spring approaches, please pray that God will send us new people who desire to understand His Truth.


Spring is a time of renewed growth.

Feast of Tabernacles on Saaremaa, Estonia October 12-20

Plans are underway for the Feast of Tabernacles in Estonia. Estonia is nestled between Russia, the Baltic Republics and Scandinavia.  It is known as part of the land of the Vikings. We plan to bring brethren together from these areas along with transfers from the United States and other places. The Festival will be held on the beautiful, historic and strategic island of Saaremaa, which controls one of the sea gates to Russia.  


We will stay at the luxurious Georg Ots Spa Hotel which overlooks the Baltic Sea.  Scandinavians love their spas, and this location was very popular with Feastgoers in 2009 and 2010 Children and adults alike will love it  

We anticipate around 90 people attending. It is truly an amazing thing to see how close such a small group can become in one week. Previous attendees will testify that Latvian children and young adults (of whom there are many) are quite facile with English, and they RELISH the opportunity to serve as translators. The close relationship between Latvian parents and children was very noticeable.   Americans who came here to this Feast with children, went home with a closer relationship with their children as a result of the Latvian example.|

READ MORE by going to special Website about this year's Festival.  

Please come join us for a memorable and enjoyable Feast of Tabernacles 2011!

Send us an email at estonia@kubik.org if you would like more information and notifications about the Festival in October.

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