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July 7 , 2011                                                                                       Issue 21
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Johnnie Lambert's Report from Estonia, Latvia,Denmark and Sweden
Mission to Ukraine to Teach English as a Second Language
Scandinavian Goes to Scotland to Meet with European Christians  Hit Counter


Thank you for opening this newsletter which is sent to Good News readers in the Nordic, Baltic and Eastern European countries.


More than 70 of us will be meeting on the Island of Saaremaa in the Baltic Sea for one of God's Festivals, called the Feast of Tabernacles. The dates are October 13-20. People will come from the United States, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Russia to keep an enlightening time for instruction, fellowship and spiritual encouragement through sermons, music and wonderful fellowship.


If you are interested in meeting any of us while we are in Saaremaa, please don't hesitate to contact us at the addresses below. You can also check our Website for the Fall Festival at www.kubik.org/estonia.

Connie Seelig and Natasha Weatherhead

Connie Seelig, Mail Processing Manager, and Natasha Weatherhead holding current issue of Russian Good News.

Our work in translating literature into Russian and Estonian continues. We also have a small amount of literature in other languages available.


Natasha Weatherhead, our Russian language coordinator, works here at the home office in Cincinnati, Ohio and is preparing literature for our separate websites in the Russian and Estonian languages. Our last booklet translated into Russian has been Jesus Christ, the Real Story.


In this issue we include an interesting account of Pastor Johnnie Lambert's more than month stay in June in Estonia. From here he visited our fellow Christians in Latvia, Estonia, Sweden and Finland.


Vicki Spenser

Vicki Spenser in the hospital

We also have a few other stories of regional news from Ukraine and Norway.


On a final note. Paul Spenser, who manages our office in Sweden, lived through a difficult experience with his four year-old daughter Vicki. On June 30 Vicki was bitten by the European adder, the only poisonous snake in Scandinavia. Her leg swelled greatly and she was taken by ambulance to the hospital. She was in great pain as the hospital dealt with serums to counteract the snake poison. Happily, Vicki is fine, home and running and playing as before. For those of you who would like to write to Paul and Vicki, their address and email is at the bottom of this newsletter. Paul writes more about this ordeal on his Facebook page.


May God bless you all. Thank you for your interest in the Good News magazine and the United Church of God. If we can be of service to you please feel free to contact us at the end of this newsletter.


In Christ's service,

Victor Kubik

Senior Pastor 


Johnnie Lambert's Report from Estonia, Latvia, Finland and Sweden


Expanding Our Reach


Sacrifice is required in order to be a true Christian. Choosing between friendship and truth is necessary for many. Sacrificial choice is particularly required in most of Eastern Europe and Scandinavia where there are only a few called and chosen at this time. That was my central thought as I sat down to write this article for the eNews.


Arriving in Tartu, Estonia, on 26 May, I knew there would be new challenges. There would be the usual 1,000 envelopes with booklets and Bible Study Course Lessons to be mailed out to people in seven different countries. Since my wife Hazel would arrive five days later, I would have plenty of good help with the mailings. Also, senior pastor Victor Kubik had commissioned me to travel throughout a segment of Scandinavia, visiting scattered members and interested persons. That would be the "new challenge, " and as with all new things, there would be a learning curve.


Ever helpful Toomas Schvak had arranged for me to see Valdur Vesingi at the Tartu Prison on 31 May. Toomas completed his research and began to write his Ph. D. thesis while we were here. Since Valdur may have only one visit per month, it was necessary to "shoehorn" the first visit into May if there would be two visits on this trip. In the twelve years Valdur has been in prison, church members have been his only visitors. Many members have written to him also, so that is very helpful to him. Valdur chose Truth; he has faithfully translated seven booklets into Estonian. Like Valdur, Toomas also spent a lot of lonely hours during the last ten years contributing to the Truth of God in Estonian, without remuneration. You will find his name (translator or editor) on every publication and Good News article which has been translated into Estonian. Sacrifice exemplified by both.


Tallinn member Artur Aleksandrov happily agreed to meet us on the Island of Saaremaa to visit Tiiu Polding, a prospective member. Artur took a day off from his job, and traveled four hours each way on the bus in order to translate for us on 6 June. It was not an easy day. On 10 June, he came to Tartu, and the three of us went to Smiltene for the Pentecost weekend.


The Church in Smiltene is the one place in this part of Eastern Europe where there is a support group. But in the three years since that Church began departing from traditional Christianity, approximately half of the members have left the Church. There is a support group, but sacrifice is still required there. The time spent with these Latvian Christians was pleasant, peaceful, joyful, and spiritually profitable. The proper kind of sacrifice pays dividends.


Our editorial and publication group has a new volunteer, Irma Faulkner. Irma speaks Estonian. In addition to helping me with correspondence, she will do preliminary edits on new booklets. Since Imbi Kuusksalu has three booklets translated for publication, this will be very helpful. These ladies, Carolyn, Judy, Natasha, now Irma, are the horses pulling the wagon.


Natasha Weatherhead who works at the home office in Cincinnati has produced two new booklets in Russian, and spent a week in New York learning to use Corel Publisher, the program for publishing our literature. As with Toomas, Natasha is the keystone for the Russian work. These people produce the tangible product which makes everyone else's efforts fruitful. Long hours into the night characterize this all volunteer effort.


The new learning curve began after Hazel returned to New York on 22 June. I left Tartu on a 2:50 AM bus for the Tallinn Airport. At 8:30 AM, I was in Copenhagen. I visited an interesting lady there, Louise, for six hours beginning at 10 AM. After two hours of Bible Study, she took me to the center of Copenhagen for a visit to the botanical garden and the art gallery. At the botanical garden, Louise stood under a fig tree visually prophesying about the coming Kingdom of God.


After Copenhagen, the next stop was far to the north in Luleå, Sweden. In Luleå, at this time of the year, there is no night. I awakened at 1:30 AM to discover very bright daylight.


Klogay and Margaret Doh

Klogay and Margaret Doh

From Luleå, I went to Kemi, Finland. There, I spent a day, at their apartment, with Margaret and Klogay Doh, Burmese immigrants to Finland. Everyone will be happy to know we were able to work out arrangements for them to attend the Feast of Tabernacles at Saaremaa. We spent hours discussing Bible subjects. Their hospitality was excellent, and really appreciated. One note: Please pray for Margaret. She has a broken arm which has not been healing. The doctors have told her that if it is not improved very soon, they must do surgery.


From Kemi, the next stop was Helsinki to visit a newly interested person, Jay Nanje and family. Due to faulty information and non functioning of my cell phone, we failed to connect. Since Helsinki is not too far from Estonia, we will try again in August.


That was the learning curve. Now that I have my "feet wet" we will see what God has in store for the future. I come back to the beginning and central thought, "Sacrifice is required to be a true Christian.

                                                                                                     - by Johnnie Lambert

Mission to Ukraine to Teach English as a Second Language
Stephanie Zajac

Stephanie Zajac.

Two United Church of God young adults are teaching English as a Second Language in Ukriane from July 5-20. This is the third year that LifeNets has sponsored this program for street children

Gregory Zajac

and orphans in the town of Vinogradov, Ukraine. The total delegation going to Ukraine is five people. They will work with Sabbatarian pastor Vasyl Polichko and his wife Irina who have cared for children like this for many years. You can read more about this mission on LifeNets website at



You can read the story about our working in this part of Ukraine for the past ten years at http://lifenets.org/vinogradov/




Scandinavian Goes to Scotland to Meet with European Christians ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Report from Winter Highland Retreat

by R Schroder

From Friday, December 24, 2010 at 12:00 pm to Tuesday, December 28, 2010 at 4:00 pm there was an informal gathering of approximately 30 mostly United Church of God members in the Loch Ness area of Scotland near the village of Drumnadrochit. The weather was very cold all over the United Kingdom at the time, resulting in several people arriving late due to delayed flights and difficult road conditions, but almost everyone managed to arrive during the Friday.


It was an interesting weekend, everyone was together at one location, having meals, Bible Studies and a Sabbath service together. The weather grew slowly less chilly as the days progressed, making the travel home less of a concern. There were two major excursions, one to nearby Urquhart Castle and another to the Cairngorm ski resort midway between Inverness and Aberdeen.





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