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February 22, 2011                                         Issue 19       
In this issue
Report from the Home Office - Russian Department
Feast of Tabernacles in Saaremaa, Estonia
Death of a Swedish Saint, Solveig Hammar
Virtual Christian Magazine
News in this edition is about the continual development of literature for our Russian-speaking areas. Read Natasha Weatherhead's report about the work she is doing and what volunteers are doing to produce the newest booklets and Natasha's translation of Good News articles into Russian. We actually print some of our booklets using color laser technology, again, by volunteers who print, collate and staple our booklets. This is done at the home of our pastor Johnnie Lambert's home where volunteers gather to produce the literature that preaches the Gospel.
As I write this, Johnnie Lambert is in Estonia. Here he mails out some of our literature. He also meets with our brethren. Last weekend he travelled to Latvia where he met with believers in Smiltene. Hopefully, for the next edition of this eNewsletter, he will write a report about his experiences.
In this issue we also talk about the keeping of the Feast of Tabernacles in Estonia this fall. 
We keep the Holy Days and Festivals that God commands in the Bible. These are the days observed by Jesus Christ and the early New Testament Church. The Feast of Tabernacles is the spiritual highlight of the year. Not only do we worship God, but by going to places around the world where God places His name, we have time to be with one another, particularly our families. The dates this year are October 13-20. More details below.
We are deeply saddened by the death of our dear Swedish friend Solveig Hammar who is from Stockholm. She died in San Antonio, Texas on January 21st.  She was a lovely lady inside and out and we will miss seeing her when we go to Sweden.
We do enjoy hearing from you.  May God bless you and thank you for taking the time to read this eNewsletter.
                                                       In Christ's service, 
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                                                       Victor Kubik
                                                       Senior Pastor
Hello from the Home Office - by Natasha Weatherhead, Russian Department

Here's an update on our work for Russian-speaking areas of the world.

We are now preparing a Russian Website.

Judy and Carolyn

Judy Sieker and Carolyn Barker

Twelve Bible Study Lessons were translated into Russian a few years ago, but now I am checking the text again of all the lessons before placing them on the Website. If there is any change, I send it to two wonderful ladies from Elmira, New York congregation, Judy Sieker and Carolyn Barker. They do all the layout for our Russian literature. Very often, I send changes many times, but they are always very patient and kind!  Carolyn and Judy are volunteers, they have  jobs, families, and besides, they like to look after their grandchildren. Indeed, they have great Christian hearts!  Carolyn recently completed a layout for the two booklets: Gospel of the Kingdom and Why Does God Allow Suffering? Also, during the past few months, several new booklets have been translated into the Russian language: Creation or Evolution, Is There Really a Devil? And Holidays or Holy Days?  Next in line is Jesus Christ: The Real Story.

Every week I receive requests for literature from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.  I also get  letters in the mail from the U.S., usually from older people who immigrated many years ago to the States from the Soviet Union. Most of the time these are people who observe the Sabbath. Sometimes the letters are long, handwritten, with very interesting stories about how they came to their faith in God. All of them are reading our literature, translated into Russian.

Today,  I began translating more articles for the current issue of Good News. Sometimes it is difficult to find relevant articles that would be suitable for Russian readers. For example, the new edition of the GN  is devoted to 400th anniversary of the King James Version of the Bible. Several articles go into detail on this subject that is very interesting for people who read in English but not for Russian people. So I chose two articles out of the group that would be interesting for the Russian audience. The third article, I found in the archives of the Good News.


With love,  



Feast of Tabernacles observance on Saaremaa in Estonia

Greetings to those who may be interested in the Feast of Tabernacles in Estonia or who have attended sometime in the past,


Holy Day Booklet

God's Holy Day Plan

We are planning a special "family like" gathering this fall on the enchanting island of Saaremaa which is part of Estonia October 13-20. We would like to welcome your family to join us. 


Please go to our Web site for this year's Festival  information at www.kubik.org/estonia.  

If interested, please let me know, so we can keep you informed. We will be making Festival Registration forms available soon.


Thank you, please use the email estonia@kubik.org regarding Estonia festival mailings. To understand God's Annual Festivals and Holy Days, send for our booklet by clicking on it. It explains how Christians should be keeping the days God commanded to be kept in the Bible. 


We are looking forward to a wonderful Feast of Tabernacles in Estonia....


Vic and Bev Kubik 

Johnnie and Hazel Lambert 

Death of a Swedish Saint, Solveig Hammar

Solveig Hammar, a good friend and one of the kindest people we know died suddenly on January 21, 2011 of heart-related problems. Solveig, a Swede, lived part of the year in

Solveig Hammar

Solveig Hammar - Victor Kubik took this photo at Arlanda airport in July 2009

Stockholm and the rest of the year in San Antonio, Texas. She was born on January 31, 1939.

Solveig was involved in the translation of two Swedish booklets. She organized a Good News Open House, arranged for newspaper advertising for the Good News in Sweden as well as was gracious in visiting people. 


She touched many lives with her kind and gentle spirit. Despite experiencing disappointments of her own, she always managed to turn a negative into a positive. She learned the valuable attributes of forgiving and moving forward. She never had a critical thing to say about anyone. She defended the helpless. Solveig once defended a woman who was being beaten by her boyfriend in a subway station while everyone else just chose to watch.

Solveig was very conscious of taking care of herself both physically and spiritually. Among the many ways that she continued to nourish herself throughout her life was through her love of flowers, cycling being with her friends in the parks of Sweden, taking long walks with her dogs in San Antonio, dancing, listening to music, studying about natural alternatives for the body and reading her Bible. She continually cultivated new friendships through her Church. In 2007 Solveig attended the Ambassador Bible Center in Ohio and was thrilled to experience the opportunity to sing in the Choir.  

Solveig's most cherished treasures that she kept closest to her heart were her children and her Lord. She always desired to have a close relationship with both, She looked forward to spending eternity with her Lord and Savior, and would wish the same for everyone else. In fact, in her own kind and gentle way, she would tell you "to be prepared and always be read." 

We will all miss you, Solveig!

Virtual Christian Magazine
Here are some timely articles that you may benefit from. The Website for the Virtual Christian Magazine is at http://www.vcmagazine.org

February 2011 issue of Virtual Christian Magazine 

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