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November 7, 2010                                         Issue 17       
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ABC Student Daniel Hitsman hails from Norway
International Expo at GCE
Scholarship for University Study for Armenian
UCG Literature Printed in Ukraine
Booklets in Estonian
        Here's the latest news from the Work we do in Nordic and Eastern European/Asian regions of the world. We are optimistic and hopeful of good outcomes in people's lives.
        We are very happy to have Norwegian student, Daniel Hitsman attend the Ambassador Bible Center this year. I first visited Daniel and his father in Oslo, Norway during the summer of 2007 and once again saw his father in 2009. He has been a great addition to our student body. Get acquainted with him in the article below.
         In Ukraine we have been able to print Russian-language literature. We have had difficulty in getting it to the West in quantity, but it has provided many eager readers in Ukraine the Gospel in Russian. 
         An item of interest is our United Church of God family in the former Soviet republic of Armenia. Through LifeNets we are providing their daughter with a University education.
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ABC Student--Daniel Hitsman from Norway

        The current Ambassador Bible Center (ABC) class has one young man from Oslo, Norway.  Daniel Benjamin Hitsman, 19 years old, has three younger brothers, Isak (10), Emil (8) and Elias (13). 

Daniel Hitsman
Daniel Hitsman

       Daniel moved around a lot white growing up, and has lived in Trondheim, Fosen and Oppdal with his mother and step-father. Daniel says: "During this time I didn`t know that much about the Church. The information I had was very limited, but I still kept the laws about clean and unclean meats while growing up. It was a challenge keeping the holy days, and laws of clean and unclean meats when you are young and living in an environment that does not keep them."

        He moved to Oslo at age 15 to live with his father. After living with his father and talking with him regarding the world's holidays versus God's Holy Days, Daniel stopped observing the world's holidays. He was also realizing the world, in general, is becoming more evil and noticed this in particular with the development of more violent video games, movies and song lyrics.  He thought that the music groups and movies, who use  lyrics, titles and band names such as Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden (medieval torture chamber), are a clue that there is something to God and also the devil, because if there is no God or a Devil, why would it be this way? "The increasingly popular horror movies such as the SAW series made me sick. It shows how DE-sensitized the world has become"

        At age 18, Daniel moved to Stjørdal on his own working at any job he was able to find - he worked in a meat packing plant, as a waiter for a restaurant, a parts washer in a meat processing factory, and inspector and packaging person in a plastic parts factory and a stocker at a grocery store. At this time he was not sure of what he wanted to do for the next year, but was regularly keeping up with the beyond today shows. Daniel watched the Beyond Today program; at the beginning of 2010, Daniel was on the Beyond Today website and linked to the United Church of God's website.  He saw the link for ABC and  viewed the tutorial video about the educational experience. He knew God's way was the truth but he was anxious to learn more and be able to defend his faith.  He did not have any schooling planned for the next year so he decided if he could make it to the United States, he would like to attend ABC.  Both his mother and father supported his decision and helped him with the finances to be able to attend.  A couple months before ABC started, Daniel moved back to Oslo with his father and prepared to travel to America. 

         He arrived in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA ten days before classes started and attended his first church service that Sabbath.  He also had the opportunity to attend the Feast of Tabernacles for the first time with some fellow Ambassador Bible Center students attending in Panama City Beach, Florida. 

         Daniel misses sidewalks and public transportation.  The United States has public transportation, but it is not as prevalent as Norway and Daniel has found that the United States is more car-centered ... it requires a car to go to many places. He is also amazed at the difference in prices of items such as food and fuel, with the USA being quite a bit less expensive.

        Daniel was active in the Scouts when he was younger, and enjoyed the summer camps where they built their own quarters from small timber logs, the first few days of camp and then stayed in them the rest of the time. "We build a hammock tower, and slept there in our Hammocks during the night at summer camp. I really enjoyed the environment that we had in my Scout group, and the lessons we learned. I can't wait for next time!"

        He plans to complete his third year (Vidregående) in Allmenfag and then attend the police academy.  He is looking for God's direction in his life and will decide exactly what to pursue when he is done with the ABC program. 

        "I would advise anyone who has the chance to attend the ABC program to do it!  Considering its cheap (heavily subsidized by the church) and gives you much more important information than any other school in the world could possibly give you. It's an awesome character building experience!"

                                                                                                    - Connie Sipes

International Expo at the General Conference of Elders
        On May 1, 2010 the United Church of God hosted an International Expo exhibition at our world headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. The various areas around the world that the United Church of God serves were displayed.  We were happy to show photos of our various activities and samples of our literature in some of the languages we serve.
        During the General Conference for ministers, John Lambert, Natasha Weathehead and Victor Kubik presented seminars about what work we do in our areas.
        Other United Church of God international areas that displayed exhibits were Kenya, Nigeria, Australia, Germany, Italy and some of our Latin American areas. Some exhibits offered food and drink samples.  The evening was very popular and hopefully will be repeated next year.
International Expo May 1, 2010
Display for Nordic/Baltic/Eastern European Areas
Visitors to the Expo
Expo Visitors
Kubik, Weatherhead and Lambert
Scholarship Provided for Armenian

        We have provided a scholarship to Ani Poghosyan of Armenia. Her parents are one of the scattered members of the United of God. Ani writes:

        "I started my studies at the end of August in Yerevan. Since my father  already taught me some German, I am doing well in my German course, but  I am also doing well in English. I am able to live with my aunt here in Yerevan.  My parents and brother live in Gyumri which is 120 km away. 

        I appreciate the opportunity given by LifeNets to study and obtain a degree in modern languages. Thank you very much."

United Church of God Literature Printed in Ukraine
        We have been mentioning for some time about how we have printed a number of booklets and the Bible Study Course in Western Ukraine. We have had many copies printed, however, it has been all but impossible to ship them out of Ukraine into the EU (European Union) which is only a few kilometers away. From there we were hoping to ship it to our office in Estonia from which it could be mailed out fulfilling requests. Our plan was to transport the printed matter to Germany from where  it would be be shipped to Estonia. But, strict customs requirements on printed matter from Eastern Europe and our inability to get properly credentialed drivers has stopped us.  
       However, our work is not for naught. Thousands of pieces of our literature have been distributed and gratefully received in Western Ukraine. At a youth rally for a few hundred Sabbath-keeping young people over the weekend of November 6-7 Bible Study courses lessons were distributed and well-received.
       As disappointing as it's been (for now), the scripture in Isaiah 55:11 rings true:
              So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth;
              It shall not return to Me void,
              But it shall accomplish what I please,
              And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.
Booklets in the Estonian Language 

The following booklets have been translated into Estonian:  

  • Why Does God Allow Suffering?
  • Road to Eternal Life                                          
  • What Is Your Destiny?                                        
  • Who Is God?                                                      
  • Jesus Christ: The Real Story                                
  • What Happens After Death?                           

Coming soon:  The Book of Revelation

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