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December 21, 2010                                         Issue 18       
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Google Advertising in Scandinavia
Encouraging Report about Developments in the Serbian Language
Fundamental Beliefs in Polish
Virtual Christian Magazine
Mail received in Our Swedish Office
Greetings!  Hit Counter
        We are optimistic for continued penetration of the Gospel message into the Nordic and Eastern European areas. We are always producing new material in the Russian language. For each issue of the Good News we translate two articles into Russian, the world's fifth most spoken language. We now have the full Bible Study Course in Russian, Estonian and soon the Serbian language.   
       The Internet is our most important source of new subscribers and we are looking for ways to make it even more so. One of our 2011 projects will be to make all our various language material all easily accessible and downloadable. 
        We have received requests from a a few people for visits in Scandinavia. 
        This past fall the Church observed the Feast of Tabernacles on the island of Saaremaa in the Baltic Sea.  We are now negotiating for 2011 accomodations.  We will have more information available shortly and should post that in our next newsletter.  
        We invite you to read some of our online articles in the Virtual Christian Magazine is listed below with links to this month's seasonal and relevant articles. Let us hear from you. We always enjoy hearing from our readers.

                                                       In Christ's service, 
                                                       VK signature
                                                       Victor Kubik
                                                       Senior Pastor

Google Advertising in Scandinavia

Google logo
While the United Church of God has cut back on Google key word advertising, we have been able to still do some in the Nordic countries to add subscribers to the Good News magazine. Since June 1 of this year we have added these NEW subscribers to our English Good News magazine.


      Sweden    49
      Denmark  42
      Norway    39
      Finland     37
      Iceland     15

Encouraging Report about Developments in the Serbian Languate
        John Marinkov, United Church of God member in Sedro-Woolley, Washington oversees our
Serbian BSC Lesson 2
Serbian language efforts to preach the Gospel.  Plans are underway to translate
all 12 Bible Study Course lessons into Serbian. So far four lessons are completed and uploaded to the Serbian literature Web site at http://ucg-nwwashington.org/serbian_literature.htm. We hope then to translate one or two Good News articles. Once the Bible study lessons are translated, then we'll begin translating booklets that support the lessons with deeper information. Hopefully the demand for Serbian literature

will begin to pick up.

        Johnnie Lambert who oversees much of our work in Eastern Europe has offered the help of volunteers in New York who lay out our Estonian and Russian translations.  You can see the cover of the lesson two of the Bible Study Course on the right.

       Our work is strictly volunteer. We need more helpers to help with Serbian translation.  If you know of anyone with this skill, please let us know. We pray that God can send us these laborers.  

Fundamental Beliefs in Polish 
Sofie Banham from Australia continues to translate essential material into the Polish language. 
Here is what already have posted on our Website at www.ucg.org/easteuropean


      1 God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit 
      2 The Church
      3 The Word of God
      4 The Devil
      5 Humanity
      6 Sin and God's Law
      7 Three Days and Three Nights
      8 The Sacrifice of Jesus Christ

Virtual Christian Magazine
        Here are some timely articles that you may benefit from. The Website for the Virtual Christian Magazine is at http://www.vcmagazine.org

December 2010 issue of Virtual Christian Magazine 

Now you can easily SHARE these articles on FACEBOOK!  Share with your friends....

Mary: A Woman of Faith by Robert Berendt How to Make Peace With Your Mother-in-Law by Becky Sweat The Bowl of Soup by Kevin Ford "Wrong" Place, Right Time by Katherine Rowland The Fortress by John Elliot Letters to the Editor
Mail Received At Our Swedish Office

Our Office Manager for Nordic mail is Paul Spenser.  He sends responses to questions that you

Paul Spenser
Paul Spenser with mail received

may have about the United Church of God in the Nordic countries. 


On the left are some of the responses that we have had to our Swedish P.O. box during the past 12 months. We appreciate your requests, comments and questions. The most requested booklets we offer have been the prophetic ones: US and Britain in Bible Prophecy,  You Can Understand Bible Prophecy, Are We Living in the Time of the End? and The Middle East in Bible Prophecy? In recent weeks we ran out of several titles. The booklet titled What is Your Destiny?  is most requested and is also available in Swedish. We also get requests to our email address and literature is downloaded at www.goodnews.org .                                                                                                          
                                                                                                          Paul Spenser

                                                                                                          Mjölby Sweden


A few comments from our readers:

I am sending you this little note, please send me the two booklets Middle East in Bible Prophecy and  Are We Living in the Time of the End? I am receiving your wonderful magazine every two months. Your friend and reader in Denmark.


l came across your site on the Internet. lt is my pleasure to find out from you if there is any Sabbath services in Malmo where I live. l would be glad to hear from you soon, l can't wait. Thanks and God bless you all for such a wonderful explanation. Sweden

I live in Karlskrona Sweden and was very happy when I found out that United Church of God is in Sweden. As a Christian it is really a joy for me. I must say that your magazine  is changing my life when I lost be best friend.  I was really down and then I picked up one of your magazines which gives me hope that I will be able to meet him again, so thanks. I want to ask were is the address of the United Church of God in Sweden. I will be interested to attend  one of the fellowship center.  Thanks and hope to hear from you.


Dear Paul: Thanks you again for the booklets that you have sent to me. I received those three booklets completely. I will remember in my prayer you and the Church. May God bless all of you.  KH 


Greeting to you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. May the blessings of the Lord shower upon the Church of God. I received the Good News Magazine for November and December.It has been a great blessing for me and I would like to order some free booklet again:  What happen After Death? and Sunset to Sunset - God`s Sabbath Rest. I would be looking forward to receiving your free booklet.  May God Bless You All. Denmark


Hej har fått The Good News några gånger. Jag undrar om det finns några booklets att beställa på  svenska?  Finns det nåt för Barn/ungdomar?  Har en 10 årig tjej som börjar påverkas av skolundervisning/kompisar/världen. Gärna nåt som Does God Exist?  Tack på förhand.

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