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September 3, 2010                                         Issue 15       
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News from Eastern Europe / Baltics / Nordic Countries
Long Days, Jaanipäev diary by Johnnie Lambert
Report on Serbian Literature from John Marinkov
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     It's been several months since we sent a Nordic / Baltic/ Eastern European newsletter.  Our attention is now on the Fall Festivals that are kept around the world.  In our area the Feast of Tabernacles will be kept in Saaremaa, Estonia from September 22-30. Attendees this year will come from the United States, Canada, Estonia and Latvia
     In this issue we have news reports from our laborers in various parts of the world who work diligently to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom in our various languages.
     John Marinkov writes from Washington State about Serbian translations, Johnnie Lambert, our tireless worker in the Baltic States write about his last visit to Tartu and we also include a summary report of our Russian/Estonian Work. 
     The September  issue of our online Virtual Christian Magazine is listed below with links to this month's seasonal and relevant articles.   
     Let us hear from you. We always enjoy hearing from our readers.
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Latest News from Eastern Europe / Baltics / Nordic Countries
     Our team of Toomas Schvak, Natasha Weatherhead, Johnnie Lambert, Carolyn Barker, Judy Sieker and Paul Spenser continue to do the Work of God for these areas of the world in Estonian, Russian and Sweedish. Natasha started working at the Home Office full-time this summer. While Estonian and Swedish are not widely spoken, Russian is the fifth most spoken language in the world and a second language in several of the countries that were formerly behind the Iron Curtain.
     We are continuing to build a solid collection of booklets and articles in
Natasha Weatherhead
Russian and Estonian so that when people come across the Good News in English, they can be quickly offered what we have in those languages. In addition, for each issue of the Good News, Toomas and Natasha translate two or three of the English articles from that GN which are inserted into the magazine that is to be mailed. We have a stock of several years' articles that can be offered continually to new readers. 
     We also have the entire Bible Study Course translated into Russian as well as Estonian. Natasha is helping design our new Website which will contain everything we've ever translated into the various languages of the Eastern European / Nordic / Baltic areas.  We have varying amounts of translated literature on our current Web location at http://www.ucg.org/easteuropean in Russian, Estonian, Romanian, Serbian, Polish and Lithuanian.
     Here are the current available booklets:
1.      Is the Bible True?                                                  
2.      The Gospel of the Kingdom of God                    
3.      God's Holy Day Plan                                             
4.      The Road to Eternal Life                                             
5.      The Book of Revelation Unveiled                       
6.      Sunset to Sunset - God's Sabbath Rest            
7.      Why Does God Allow Suffering?                        
1.      Is The Bible True
2.      The Gospel of the Kingdom of God
3.      God's Holy Day Plan
4.      The Road to Eternal Life           
5.      Heaven and Hell
6.      Sunset to Sunset - God's Sabbath Rest
7.      Why Does God Allow Suffering
8.      Fundamental Beliefs
9.      Who Is God? 
10.    What Is Your Destiny?
11.    Marriage and Family
12.    Jesus Christ The Real Story  
     Johnnie Lambert spends considerable time in Estonia and sends out some of our literature from Tartu, Estonia.  In addition to Toomas Schvak, Imbi Kuusksalu and Estonian prisoner Valdur Vesingi translate for us. Imbi is translating Managing Your Finances while Valdur is translating The Book of Revelation Unveiled and has finished What Happens After Death?  
     This year we are pleased that a student from Norway, Daniel Hitsman, comes to study at the Ambassador Bible Center.
     The Feast of Tabernacles will be held in Estonia on the island of Saaremaa. A highlight will once again be more than 20 Latvians and their pastor Robert Schultz from Smiltene, Latvia. Johnnie Lambert and Britt Taylor will come from the United States. 
Long Days and Jaanipäev diary by Johnnie Lambert ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
     The summer Solstice is known as Jaanipäev in Estonia. It is a long standing pagan sun worship festival celebrating the longest day of the year. Literally translated, Jaanipäev means "John's Day".
Johnnie Lambert
Since my name is John, it has been a big joke to the Estonians for years. At this time, darkness comes at about 23:00 (11 PM) and daylight starts at 4:00 (4 AM). This is Hazel's first trip to Estonia at this time of the year. She was anxious to see the "Long Days". 
     Arriving 3 June from New York, I decided to rest on the first Sabbath. Afterwards, I started to update data bases and prepare for our June mailing. Toomas Schvak
is studying to earn his PHD at Tartu University. He arrived for some seminars 7-9 June.  I was able to spend some time with my very good friend at the Tartu apartment. I went to the airport in Tallinn to meet Hazel who arrived late on 10 June. We stayed overnight in Tallinn and met Toomas for breakfast at our hotel. 
     The Sabbath of 12 June was spent in Latvia with the church in Smiltene. Robert Schultz, the pastor and all the members were most hospitable as always. Nine of them came to Tartu for the next Sabbath, and we tried to return the favor.  Visiting with Valdur in the Vangla (Prison) was a special time. Valdur was very enthusiastic and seemed quite happy. He has completed translating What Happens After Death and is waiting for the chaplain to return from vacation so that he can e-mail the translation to us
     Judy, Carolyn, Natasha, and Toomas continue to work to put our translated literature into publication. Our Russian supply of Gospel of the Kingdom is now depleted, so we plan to "jump the queue" in order to move it to the head of the line for publication. Imbi Kuusksalu, now living in Ireland, has been able to resume translating literature into Estonian. She has completed Is the Bible True and is now working on Marriage and Family: The Missing Dimension. So there is lots of new work for the publishers to do.   
     Before coming to Tartu, along with the Kubiks, we were able to help Natasha to become established in Cincinnati. It is exciting that we now have a Russian specialist in the Home Office. God did not make it easy, but He did make it possible. It is a big step in the growth of this work in Eastern Europe. 
      We have a lot of literature to take to the Post Office just now. All things are continuing to grow. Hazel and I will go to Saaremaa on Thursday to meet with Keidi Hoogand, manager of the G. O. Spa Hotel, in prep for the Feast of Tabernacles. 
     Even though the days are long, there is never enough time to get everything done.
Report on Serbian Literature from John Marinkov
      Greetings from the Pacific Northwest. Here's an update on the Serbian work. The goal for this year is to translate all 12 Bible study lessons. So far two lessons are completed and uploaded to the web site. 
     Good news. Sasha Veljic from Belgrade has agreed to begin translating in addition to proof reading beginning in May. Up to this point he has been proof reading only, but starting in May he will begin to translate in addition to proof reading my work. This is wonderful, it took a long time for this to happen. 
     Currently I am translating lesson 4 (almost half way finished), and Sasha will begin lesson 3 this week. With both of us translating things should begin to move much faster now. Secondly, I may be able to translate a Good News article or two that are really good, which I wasn't able to while focusing all energy on Bible study lessons. By the way, I find the Bible study lessons are excellent, they are a wonderful work providing a foundation to grow on. Also, I haven't been able to take time yet to learn how to use software to modify English text from existing pages with pictures into Serbian. This I hope to begin to do as soon as we get all 12 Bible study lessons translated.
     I am still putting in 12 hour days (including work and commuting) each day, so translating is slow. But now with Sasha also translating the work should speed up, at least double. Once the Bible study lessons are translated then we'll begin translating booklets that support the lessons with deeper information. Hopefully the demand for Serbian literature will begin to pick up.

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