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December 26, 2008  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
In this issue
Our January 2009 trip to Eastern Europe/Baltics/Sweden
Rethinking 2009 Summer Gathering
United News article about Latvians keeping the Feast!
2009 Feast of Tabernacles
Death of Helgi Luts in Tartu
As darkness and cold settles over the Baltic and Nordic areas our thoughts run to you more often as we pray for you and think about how you are doing. This is our second eNewsletter. I would like to give your more news and information about the Work of the United Church of God in your area. You can see all the eNewsletters along with other links of interest to your area at I pledge to provide news more often.
I look forward to seeing you again and will write below about our plans for the coming year which includes a trip to Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Sweden next month.
To this newsletter I'm adding the list of our brethren in the Lafayette and Terre Haute, Indiana congregations where I serve. Our brethren have a great interest in you. The Terre Haute congregations wishes to "adopt" our brethren in the Nordic areas and wishes to share our lives with you. We will once again be sending you a copy of our congregation's newsletter called Family News. You can see our Family News online here, as well.
We appreciate the letter that Mr. Jim Franks wrote to you several weeks ago. We still reminisce about the pleasant experience of our July meeting in Leksand.
When you receive this newsletter, please give me a brief reply at that you received it. You can just click on the link and write a quickly note you received it. We want to make sure that our newsletter gets to everyone. Your comments and suggestions for improving our communicaitons are very important to us. 
                                                       In Christ's service, 
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                                                       Victor Kubik
January 2009 trip to Eastern Europe/Baltics/Sweden
On January 13 my wife Beverly and I will leave for Eastern Europe to visit with some of you. I'd like to explain some of what we hope to accomplish. 
The areas we serve are basically divided into three zones: Eastern Europe, the Baltic Republics and the Nordic countries. It is not possible to cover all three areas adequately on any one trip, but we CAN cover two well.  This time we are going to Ukraine and Poland in Eastern Europe, Latvia and Estonia in the Baltics and will make only one stop only in Sweden for the Nordic part of our trip.
The map on the right shows our itinerary.  The numbers are the dates in January that we arrive in each of the locations.  Jan 09 itineraryWe will fly from New York to Budapest from where we will continue by train to Ukraine. Joining us in Budapest will be Dr. Jan Karlik who is a United Church of God member in Bakersfield, California. He is lecturing at a Budapest University. His work ends when we come and he will then continue with us for about two weeks.
In Ukraine, we will stay with Sabbatarians in the towns of Vinogradov and Khust. We have had a brotherly relationship with these people since 1991 when we met with their remnant who emigrated to Florida. They put us in contact with an entire Sabbatarian culture in Ukraine  and Moldova. In 1991 Ukraine became an independent nation as the USSR collapsed almost overnight; it was now possible to worship God openly whereas before they had to do it secretly. I have described some of our early contacts on the Internet and you can see more here and go to the entire Ukraine section here.

Traveling with us to the Ukraine part of the trip will be Scott and Caroline Scharpen who have a great interest in the children of Vinogradov.

We have visited these people many times since then. Our Church has provided projects such as a major Ambassador University program to teach English as a Second Language in 1994 plus humanitarian aid.
One of the ways in which the Sabbatarians have helped us in the past six years has been by printing larger quantities of United Church of God literature. This has provided a great cost savings. We pay only one-third of what it would cost to print the same material in the United States or Western Europe. We have printed booklets in Russian and Swedish and the Bible Study Course in Russian.  The quality of booklets and Bible Study courses is very good. 
On this trip I am bringing over the necessary files to print 2000 copies each of the lessons 7-12 of the Russian Bible Study Course. We also hope to print the God's Holy Day booklet.  One of the Sabbatarian leaders is a printer and manages the printing for us.
We will then return to Budapest by train and fly on to Warsaw, Poland where will spend a few days with Andrew and Karen Lee and family. Andrew is a partner with the Ernst and Young Accounting firm and works in several Eastern European countries, including Russia. I have known Andrew and his family since 1965 when I first met them at Church services in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
From there we fly to Riga, Latvia and go on to Smiltene to the Robert Schultz's.  Robert Schultz is pastor of a Church that has started keeping the Sabbath and this past year kept the entire cycle of Holy Days. He and his wife Elita kept the Feast in Germany this past fall. Most of you were able to meet them in Leksand this past summer. We will be in Smiltene for the second Sabbath.
From Smiltene we will travel 120 km to Tartu, Estonia. There we will stay at Johnnie Lambert's apartment. This apartment has served as our mailing office in Eastern Europe. We will mail out Good News magazines to more than 700 people, as well as do mailings of the Bible Study Course in Estonian and Russian.  We will insert translated articles in Estonian and Russian to respective subscribers. 
We plan to have an evening with our Estonian brethren.  I also plan to visit Valdur Vesingi at the Vangla, the Tartu prison. If you would like to read more about Valdur, you can click here.  He wrote a common letter to all who have written him that you may want to read. He appreciates visits and correspondence.
From Tartu we travel to Tallinn by bus. We will meet with Toomas Schvak and a new young man Artur Aleksandrov.
Then we fly from Tallinn to Stockholm and take the train for the last days of the trip which we will spend with Paul and Kira Spenser and their three children. On the Sabbath we hope to have people come from Oslo, Gothenberg and perhaps other places.  That will be on January 31st. We fly back home on February 2nd. 
We look forward to seeing you!
Rethinking 2009 Summer Gathering

After the Summer Gathering last summer we were hoping to repeat the event in 2009.  But several factors make it difficult to hold it as we did last summer. First, we are having difficulty setting a date that is mutually agreeable to all. Then the distances for travel are long and the cost is very high. 
Last year we did not hold a Feast of Tabernacles in our region and for some this was the only congregational meeting of the year and for some for a few years. This coming fall we ARE going to be holding a Feast of Tabernacles and want to focus our attention on all of us making it the Feast.
Article about Latvians Keeping the Feast in December United News

Antra KikuteAntra Kikutu (pictured on right) and Ziedonis Riders have written a wonderful article in the current December issue of the United News about the the Smiltene Baptist Church keeping the Feast of Tabernacles. 
If you do not receive the United News and wish to do so, please let us know and we will see that you receive a subscription. If you would like to see this article now, you can go to the following link on the United Church of God Web site:  I have also made an easier to read version by posting it at
We are looking forward to seeing our Latvian brothers and sisters in about a month!
Feast of Tabernacles News

When we were in Leksand this past summer we looked at a possible Feast of Tabernacles venue in Mora. It was beautiful and could have worked. But, in weighing what would be best for most, we have decided to once again keep the Feast in Estonia. We have kept the Feast in Estonia seven times since 1997 successfully. The cost of the holding the Feast in Estonia is consideralbly less than it would be in Sweden or any other Nordic country. We have a close relationship with hotel operators, the hall location and other support functions in Tartu, Estonia. We feel that we can have a Feast for about 70 to 80 people that would be enjoyable and economically possible for all. Also, we must consider the people in Smiltene, Latvia who will come. Holding the Feast in Sweden would put it out of reach for these brethren and this year we want to do everything to all be together.
Johnnie Lambert and I are working on orgainizing the Feast in Tartu. More  information will be published in the United News and the Festival brochure in February and March.
Death of Helgi Luts in Tartu, Estonia
Helgi Luts We were saddened to receive a note from Katrin Kaasik in Tartu on October 1 about the death of Helgi Luts.  Helgi had suffered from cancer for several years and had undergone several regimens of chemotherapy. 
Helgi has been attending our meetings in Tartu for the past five years and had joined us for the Feast of Tabernacles. She was always interesting to talk to. She cared deeply about people.
She commented often about how much she appreciated cards and words of encouragement from all over the world during her ordeal. We will visit Helgi's grave in January. We will miss Helgi!

There is more than I could write about, but this letter is getting long and I'll save more to say for the next newsletter that I promise will not be far off!  Don't hesitate to contact me at or telephone me at 001 317 216-0802. 
We would like you to write to us and send us information that we could share about you in this newsletter. Any comments about this online newsletter are most welcome. 
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