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September 5, 2008  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Thank You!
Next Year and the Feast of Taberncles!
Dear Friend,
We would like to make this modest start of a regular newsletter to help all of us Nordic/Baltic scattered brethren to stay in contact with one another better. We would like this newsletter not only to inform, but be used as a tool to share information among ourselves as we look forward to the next time we meet. Your comments and suggestions are welcome! 
Thank You!
We want to express sincere appreciation to you for coming to the United Church of God's Summer Gathering in Leksand, Sweden. To everyone we've spoken to who was there, this was a wonderful event to meet one another of like faith, learn more about the God we worship and enjoy the beautiful nature and scenery of Sweden.  We know that coming together from the Baltic region was a major trip for you and we're grateful that most everyone made it. 
Saturday Night meal at Leksand for everyone 
Special thanks goes to all who worked hard to organize the event.  There was considerable effort in finding the right venue at the right price, scheduling the time for lectures, meals and fellowship.  We appreciated all the hands that pitched in to help with meal preparation and cleanup.  It all went so well. 
Mr. Jim Franks wrote about the Summer Gathering in the August United News which you have no doubt received.  If not, you can see the article online at http://ucg.org/un/un0808/un0808.pdf.
Beverly and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting every one of you and look forward to seeing you again on one of our visits through the Nordic and Baltic countries.  We also look forward to repeating this event next summer.
Next Year and the Feast of Taberncles
We also look forward to repeating this event next summer.  Our plan is to hold it July 23-26, 2009.  We hope to move the location more towards Norway to make it more centrally located.  We are hopeful that  Mr Clyde Kilough, the President of the United Church of God will be able to come.  I have invited him and his wife Dee to come and he seemed very interested in coming.
We will not be holding a Feast of Tabernacles in the Baltic area this fall, however, our plan is to once again keep the Feast in Tartu, Estonia and on Saaremaa Island in 2009 as we had in 2007. We will have much more to say about this, but we invite all to come and keep the Feast with us in Estonia in 2009.
Let's keep in touch with one another.  Don't hesitate to contact me at vic@kubik.org or telephone me at 001 317 216-0802. 
We will make every effort to maintain this newsletter and ask for you to contribute by sending me material that we can include in future mailings.  Any comments about this online newsletter are most welcome.
In Christ's service, 
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Victor Kubik
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