Bev and I visited the Ambassador College Campus October 24, 2013

We were in California for a United Church of God area ministerial conference in October 2013. While there, my wife Bev and I visited the Ambassador College campus on Thursday, October 24th. We leisurely walked over a campus that at one time represented a formative and impressionable part of our life both when I attended Ambassador College starting in 1966 and my many good memories of working in Church Administration from 1990 to 1995.

While in anticipation of visiting the campus for the first time since 1995, bittersweet thoughts were forming. But, after walking over all the familiar walkways, walking into some of the buildings, I was happy to leave behind in historical context a physical place which values were no longer "sacred." Values are not in physical presence, but in the spirit which is far powerful and everlasting, eternal. The location evoked memories of relationships, most of which are not what they were, but nonetheless are a part of me at one time.

This visit brought closure and greater desire to move on with the present and future. What I value most now is my relationship with Jesus Christ and Him living His life in me and my translating that into service towards the people I feel a special responsibilty for in this phase of my life.

I want to share a few of the photos with you of my walk over steps trod many times before......